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cards <--> chart elements affect each other's game as reference

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Here's my first post in this forum, please let me know if I'm posting to a wrong page.

I am developing a deck building-like game, let's say, a co-op version of "Friday".

I would like to add a system that, there's a chart with a few elements (let's say 4colours R,G,B,Y), and both of them have values on it. when I play a card, I need to check if the elements allow me to play the card. And the played card can affect the chart (let's say +2R and -1Y)

So, wonder if there's any game you guys will suggest me to have a look?

I have played Terraforming Mars recently, although it is actually doing what I have said above, but it's not what exactly I am trying to look for. I think the main reason is, we need to "pay" to play that card. When I want something closer to Friday, you don't need to pay, but the consequences may be good/bad that you do not know yet.


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Welcome Cori

Welcome to BGDF, Cori!

I'm not familiar with Friday, but it sounds a bit like what I call the Fickle Hand of Fate mechanic in Oracle of Delphi. Every conceivable action has an associated color, and you can only perform actions that match the colors you have showing on your dice that turn.

Another color-matching mechanic was the attack table from the original Marvel Super Heroes Game from the 1980s.

What works for your game really depends on what the colors represent thematically, and whether the complexity leads to strategy/fun or just drudgery/bookkeeping.

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Hi Frank Thanks for your

Hi Frank
Thanks for your reply.
I watched oracle of Delphi game play before. I may missed that bit though. Do you mean the colour from the dice the player got?

Will have a look theattack table as well

So, actually the theme is about emotion, that those 4colours represent different emotions, and player need to use cards to control the emotion and finish some missions.

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Colored "mana"

A simple version would be cards costing certain number of "mana" associated with each color, but then there wouldn't be any need for a chart.

But keeping that idea in mind for a moment, it's simpler to adjust the card's requirements than have the card adjust the state which then gets compared to the card's requirements.

For example, the game state is that these are in effect:
7 Red, 1 Green, 3 Yellow, 3 Blue
And a "Tantrum" card requires 8 Red and 2 Blue, but for purposes of this card there is +1 Red available and -1 Blue available.
It's easier just to require 7 Red and 3 Blue.

The "Tantrum" could then have any effects you want, including changing what is available for future actions. ("Tantrum: Requires 7 Red + 3 Blue. Convert any number of Blue to Red.")

Mind you, this example probably overlaps about 0% with your real game idea, but I'm just leery of transient adjustments on cards when the designer could just bake in those adjustments.

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