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Help find words for non-English versions

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I'm working on MADorMED a deduction party boardgame app based on word associations (its like werewolf+codenames).

The game is almost ready, but I need advice how to fill up the game word lists for different languages.
The codenames list would be the easiest way, but I dont want to 'steal' this fantastic collection. Mirror-translating our current selected English words is not the best way as we need words with more meanings. (However if i dont find a solution, i will do this for first release).

So my question is: how to find non-English players who love to play Codenames type games, and willing to help?


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mue114 wrote:The codenames

mue114 wrote:
The codenames list would be the easiest way, but I dont want to 'steal' this fantastic collection.

Just as a note, I don't know Codenames, but if they assembled and organized a set of words for a particular purpose, that's covered by copyright. Not the words themselves, but the list.

In other words, you don't need the quotation marks around "steal" :/

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i would guess the scrabble

i would guess the scrabble community can help you with this one.

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yeah, as I wrote, its not my

yeah, as I wrote, its not my goal to 'steal', and thats why i posted this topic to get advices about how to DO it.

Its clear I need to create a new list. But the challenge is how to find people who can tell which words are good for this game type in languages I dont speak.

Scrabble idea can work, thank you.

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Good list is hard to create

Creating a good list of words is very hard. For codenames most of the words of multiple meanings.
What are the requirements for your word list?
Maybe you could start with a translation of your list and exchange words that do not work well in other languages.
I think the example from your video Rome (= Rom in German) would also work in many languages.

Since creating a good word list is such a hard task, and the German list is so excellent in codenames the guy who did the translation was also there when it won Spiel des Jahres in 2016.

P.S.: Cool video and nice idea to combine the two mechanisms. I'm curios.

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