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Managing a Resource Deck

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In my resource collecting and matching game, players land their factories on a hexagon based planet and gain control of the areas surrounding the factory. Each hexagon has a material attached to it and whenever a player gains control of it, he/she receives that color of material (card) into the bottom of his/her resource deck. Each player draws resource cards from his/her deck equal to the power of their factories and they are able to gain more hexagons over the course of the game, in turn making their resource deck bigger and more varied.

There's two ways you can use a resource - either FLIP it, when you only partially use the benefits, but it returns to your resource deck or you can SPEND it, returning it back to the box, but getting the full amount.

There's a couple of problems though - what happens when a player aggressively takes over other players land? Few options:

1. Looking through your deck and finding a matching color isn't hard, but I fear it will slow the game down drastically. What if they don't have a matching card? (it has been spent, it's in the warehouse, it has been drawn for the turn)

2. Having the players only get resources once from a hexagon and never from other players - simple, too simple? Is owning land worth if you don't get any resources? You can get points at the end of the game.

3. One hexagon can be "mined" twice - once when it's first claimed and second time when it's conquered by another player. When this happens, the hexagon is "depleted", no more resources can be drawn from it. Maybe there's a technology that makes a player able to deplete his/her own hexagons, gaining resources twice.

EXTRA. In the middle of the game board, there's the Motherload - an infinite supply of material. All players want to have it. Which version would work best with it?

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So the cards are placed at the bottom. So does that mean it takes longer and longer to get to the resources from the newest territories? Or do you draw more cards every turn so that you can get to new cards quicker? Or is the deck shuffled every turn before you draw?

You could just have a card drawn when the hex is revealed and X number of resources placed on that hex. Players could then harvest resources each turn based on a harvest value. This would leave some number on each hex ripe for an opponent to swoop in and steal.


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Yes, it takes longer to get

Yes, it takes longer to get resources from the newer hexagons. This means resources will come in chronological order, unless a card forces you to shuffle your deck.

All hexes are revealed at the start of the game, there's no exploration yet in this version. The reason is that players want to mix and match certain resources with others for maximum effect, as in many color-matching games. Conquering a hexagon means you will get that color of resource into your deck, build your deck with those resources (and additional tech) to match your winning condition later in the game.

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