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A new kind of deck builder?

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I was listening to a gaming podcast over the long weekend and there was a line about deck builders becoming the same thing.....spend resources to gain cards to increase your deck to play the cards you have purchased with your resources. I decided to accept the challenge and I framed out a game that combined worker placement and deck builder.

I don't play deck builders myself so I am not familiar the games available in the genre outside of Dominion. So before I go and flesh out this game, can anyone think of a game that has either a combined worker placement/deck building mechanic or a deck builder that uses a tool other than "buy and add"?

I guess I should also ask, for deck building players out there, do you feel the podcast made a fair comment that the deck building genre is lacking mechanical diversity?

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Check out...

"Eminent Domain" ( by our BGDF admin/moderator Seth Jaffee. It is also a deck-building game (DBG).

I found the video very informative about how the game is played.

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Great Video

Thanks, that was a very well done video. Fun looking game as well.

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Copycat ( by Freidmann Friese is a deckbulder with worker placement. You place workers to get additional money or bus or draws, and then you buy cards from a display.

There are MANY variations on Dominion out there. If you're considering designing a deck building game, I urge you to go play as many of them as you can and see what's out there, what's been done, and what you think could be done better.

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Some other Deckbuilders that

Some other Deckbuilders that use tools other than just "buy and add" that you may want to check out (in addition to Eminent Domain and Copycat)

A Few Acres of Snow
Princes of the Dragon Throne
Mage Knight
Core Worlds
Salmon Run (disclaimer: this is my design)

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I think the deckbuilding

I think the deckbuilding mechanic fits very well with both the idea of learning to do something better with practice (as Eminent Domain does), and the idea of getting slower due to exhaustion (as both Salmon Run and Trains do). There's probably lots of design space there. Copycat and Trains would be especially good examples to look to if you are marrying deckbuilding to board-based play.

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Deckbuilding with a twist

Though not specifically worker placement, seeing how these two games add twists to deckbuilding may spark some creative flow:

TRAINS (review by Starlit Citadel):

DEAD@17 (review by Undead Viking):

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My game Henchmen! does some

My game Henchmen! does some of this =)
^that link should work better in like 8 days lol

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