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progress track ideas

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I'm looking for some ideas for progress tracks. Players will take actions that will advance their 4 pieces/pawns up four different tracks.

There will be 15 spaces divided into 3 sections and one final 16th space.

So far I'm considering these.

1. Go as high as you can:

3,3,3 - 6,6,6 - 10,10,10 - 15,15,15 - 21,21,21 - 28

2. Go as high as you can. Collect another resource during the game that you will multiply to your spot on the track:

x1x1x1 - x1x1x1 - x2x2x2 - x2x2x2 - x3x3x3 - x3x3x3 - x4

3. Go high overall but more important to land on the 3rd spot of a section by the end of the game:

1,2,3 - 2,4,6 - 3,6,9 - 4,8,12 - 5,10,15 - 25

4. Avoid the middle section (it is possible, but difficult, to not advance up a track)

25,21,17 - 13,9,5 - 1,0,1 - 5,9,13 - 17,21,25 - 30

Any other ideas? 0-30 points is the general target range. I've thought of 1st place, 2nd place, etc. on a track but thought that was a little boring.

Thanks in advance.

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Just some brainstorming: Are

Just some brainstorming:

Are the players sharing the same set of tracks? You could have them interact with each other (knocking back, majority control, etc)

Attempt to get 2nd place (1st place is a bust mechanic) - include forcing other players to advance

Need to race up and then back down all with the same actions

advancing in one track makes it difficult to advance in another one.

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Start on the middle for option 3

You could start in the middle for option 3 and have 2 opposing view points. Western Legends basically did this (though not represented as such) with the outlaw vs lawful tracks.

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What is Tracked?

Can you give us a clearer idea of what it is you want to track?

How would these things be tracked in the "real world?" How much of a realistic simulation do you want to create?

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Start on the middle for option 4

Fri wrote:
You could start in the middle for option 3 and have 2 opposing view points...

I THINK(!?) @Fri meant: "in the middle of option 4".

NewbieDesigner wrote:
4. Avoid the middle section (it is possible, but difficult, to not advance up a track)

25,21,17 - 13,9,5 - 1,0,1 - 5,9,13 - 17,21,25 - 30

You can make it a DECISION (left or right) based on the values. Similar but NOT EXACT. Like this:

30 - 26,21,16 - 13,10,4 - 1,0,1 - 6,9,12 - 18,20,25 - 30

And you start on "0". Either go LEFT of RIGHT. Player's decision...

I think the starting the middle is what @Fri meant. He can correct me if I am wrong. IF I am wrong, well then I propose this as an Option! Best.

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Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for the comments. Yes, players share their pieces on the same 4 tracks so I could add a more interactive element where you mess with other's pieces but I feel that would be too chaotic at this point. Thematically, the game is about eating food items on a main board and the food is represented by the advancement tracks. The thematics break down a bit with the different scoring tracks so not sure how to resolve the lack of thematic integration at this point. One other idea I may incorporate is something like Ganz Schon where you scoring your lowest score on a track times an item you collect on each track.

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@quest yes I meant option

@quest yes I meant option four instead three. good catch.

Could you pivot to preparing food for the main board instead of eating it? If you did this i think you can male thematic justifications for all sorts of scoring schemes. Like picky judges or nutritional retirements.

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It involves a few animals

It involves a few animals eating fish in nature. Since the tracks essentially represent food consumed, I'm not sure how that would translate to different track dynamics? If you can think of something clever, let me know.

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