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"Qualifiers" in games

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One subject I've been really interested in lately are mechanics where players are eliminated just before determining the winner as in High Society, Lords of Xidit and Gùgōng.

I spent the last few months collecting all the various examples I could find into a few categories of "qualifiers".

Part I covers Comparative Qualifiers where players are evaluated and the weakest performer in a specific criterion is eliminated.

Part II covers Absolute Qualifiers where players must complete a specific task or avoid a specific outcome in order to remain eligible to win.

I always enjoy hearing commentary and criticism from other designers.

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How you want to use these "qualifiers"?


in which part of the game you want to use those "qualifiers"?
Do you want to eliminate a player and make them wait until the game ends or just use it in some parts of the game to determine who is the winner of a category in the game or some kind of phase?

If you are going to eliminate player, the game should be near to the end or the game itself should be should have a playtime of less than 30 minutes.

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