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Time traveling mechanic

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I decided to post this on the forum because I'm not going to work on it anymore and I hope someone else might find inspiration in it.
I'm no fan of sci-fi in general so I have no idea if this idea is already implented in a game, if so please excuse me.

My idea in short;

You have a Space base in the current time zone, developing this base, for example by reasearch, can get you acces to 2 other time zones on the board; the past and the future.
Then you will be able to travel into these other timezones and exploit the advantages they bring, for example; if you go to the past you can built a building or start a research and when you move back to the current time zone the building will be instantly there (upgraded) or you instantly have advanced in your research, cause the research hs started back in the past in opposite of starting it in the current time.
Otherwise developments can work onto the future time, only for my idea I thoughed that you would take the current time base as the scoring option.
So the advantage of a future time base would be that you can harvest, take knowledge, or whatever that is more advanced then the current time base, and take it back to the current time to use these commodities from the future there.
It will be hard to balance all the different things, but if done right it should be fun.

If you are intrested and would like to know more about my ideas on this mechanic PM, I hope it will be of any use to you.

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Another jumping off point for

Another jumping off point for people wanting to take this mechanic and run with it-- sorta, as, to my recollection the game itself was kind of weak-- was the Dr. Who CCG. I like that your concept is a little more fleshed out than the CCG was (it was in the glut of crap games back in the MTG heyday in the late 90's) and that it's more strategic.

Best of luck!

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