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30 Secret Envelopes...

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I Have an idea for a simple game that involves the exchange of secrets
an even amount of envelopes is distributed between player
for example
if there are 30 envelopes
and 6 players
each player receives 5 envelopes
now once the envelopes are handed out each player writes on a seperate piece of paper a secret they wouldnt normaly share
after all players have stored their secrets in the envelopes
each player would be assigned a number 1- 6
doesnt matter who gets what number
first player (#1) Will roll a set of dice
the first number ill indicate what player recives the secrets and the second number determins how many (odds 1,3,5 mean you give one secret evens 2,4,6 mean you give 2)
then you go in numerical order through players untill all secrets are handed out
some may get more secrets than other or not any at all

each play keeps any secrets given to them and reads them in private
that player is to keep that secret forever
you are allowed to talk about the secret will the person who wrote it
if they know who wrote it

if a player shares a secret with someone other than whos secret it is
they lose the game

me and my friends played this once
i havent worked everything out really
but it was very interesting

Joined: 07/08/2009
This isn't a game . . .

. . . yet, but it's an interesting activity. As is, you might be able to get a few twelve year old girls to play it.

I'd bet with some tweaking you could get bored, tipsy twenty-somethings to play it!

I have been thinking about it a little. So we want people to write down a secret. This sort of reminds me of that website that people send confessions and secrets in to, as post cards. I think a lot of them are fake. I'm not sure how we're going to get people to tell many secrets . . . I do think this is going to have to be marketed towards people who are bored and tipsy. So what if they only had to write down one real secret, and then the rest were made up secrets? I did something like this in a fiction writing class, where we all had to tell one real story, and one fake one, then people had to figure out which was which. I fooled everyone. It's harder than it seems sometimes. Then part of a game could be trying to figure out which secret is a real secret.

Or maybe to help people with remembering secrets, they could just be little secrets, and they have to have one for each of several categories. "Something you did as a kid," "something you did with a girl/boy friend," "something you did at a job," "something you never got to say to someone," or anything along those lines. Maybe there's a bunch of those on cards, and then a card is flipped, each person writes down a secret that corresponds to the card, they get shuffled up in the middle, then each person tries to figure out which one is which person's. Then there is some scoring for correct deductions. This could go on for a few rounds or w/e.

Um, a big problem I am seeing with this is handwriting. It might be kind of easy to figure out who's writing what after not too long. (So maybe something akin to my first idea would make more sense).

Or how about each person writes down something(s) they have done. They get put in the middle, then read aloud. Each person gets a point if it is something they have also done, but in order to score the point, they have to explain it. So you could put down things you think no one has done, then be very surprised when they admit to it, or just put down things you don't think your friends will want to admit to. Either way, you might win, and will have fun.

So yeah, just some thoughts.


Callan S.
Joined: 08/21/2009
In terms of that, the secret

In terms of that, the secret they write down can either be about themselves or something they heard about someone else - which it is is left up in the air.

It's easier to write down someone elses secrets - and in doing so, you might write some of your own in between, since their kind of hidden.

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