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3D Tabletop Fantasy Role Play Gaming - who's in!

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Hi; my name is Ken, I’m a hopeful inventor entrepreneur. I designed, patented and built a proof of concept/ working model of a device that is designed to transform two dimensional fantasy tabletop Role Playing Games into three dimensional tabletop fantasy Role Playing Games. This device is in no way designed to replace conventional fantasy tabletop Role Playing Games, yet is an addon to enhance and to make tabletop fantasy Role Playing Games more immersive.

With the help of BGDF it is my sincere hope to establish a focus/ playgroup to test whether or not my invention will be accepted by the tabletop fantasy RPG community.

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My guess is that it will be

My guess is that it will be adopted by a few, and maybe some games will be created specifically for it.
Knowing the costs associated with patenting, I hope you make your money back at some point.

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Hmm... Not sure about that

I've seen various 3D products, all you need to do is going on Kickstarter and SEARCH for "3D" in "Tabletop games"... You'll find a few gems.

Like this one:

The rooms look stunning and it makes for a customized 3D experience. Anyway it gives you an "idea" about what your direct competition looks like: games designed for 3D play.

I would definitely search around for more 3D games and the innovative systems they are using to make 3D games fun for all ages...

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