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Board designers wanted.

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Ronald N.
Joined: 11/24/2014

Hello all,

i am looking for a board design suited for children from 4 to aprox 6 years old.
(Basic game, nice artwork.)

I would like to get into contact with designers who would be willing to design a game with some small request from me.
It is my intention to test it and then try to put it on the market.

I am not willing to pay in advance for it, but if the game is tested and approved and (allmost) ready for sale, i will send a written contract stating the conditions and the rights of the game/artwork.

I could pay 15% of the (netto) profit.

I am a small European independent publisher, games are a new market for me, and/but i hope some of you will try to start this adventure with me...

Best regards

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PM Sent

PM Sent

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