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-A compact game

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I would like to work with someone on a boardgame, the reason I want to work together is that I believe that 2 minds can sparkle eacj other imagination better then one.
The kind of game I would like to make I will describe below.
If you would like to work with me on a game please PM me or e-mail me at

In order of importance for me at this moment;

- It should be compact, not only in design and materials but also in time. I find that I mostly enjoy games that are compact, about 1-1.5 hours, and wich have a nice design to it with not to much set-up time.
Also the rules should be simple and fit the game in itself.

- Should have replay-ability, but not so much in the sense of extensive variability, like Agricola, as in that the game itself is "deep", in short more like chess.

- It should not be abstracted like Dvonn, or even Torres and games like that, I like a strategy game very much, but I find them often too abstract to draw you into the game and to shallow to get you to want to learn more. So my thoughts are more going to an economic kind of game.

The above are just rough thoughts on what kind of game I would like to make and don't hestitate to contact me if you want to make something completely else as I am open to anything.
Most of my game ideas pan out into quite elaborate game designs and I find it hard to strap them down without touching there core mechanics or feelings.
So what I would like to establish with this co-operation and this new design process is that we take every game aspect into account from the very earliest stages. For example how would the game design for the game idea be, what kind of components will we need, how much rules, wich theme, etc.
I'm aware, like myself, that many designers just go run with an idea but this time I would like to do that differently in co-oporation, this can mean that we spent more then average time just on the game concept.

In conclusion, my lines of intrest (and again I am open to anything different);

-Economic manipulation
-History themes
-Secret information
-Board driven (opposed to card driven)
-Long-term planning

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