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Death's Price: a CCG

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Okay, so unless I'm mistaken, CCGs take a lot more investment to get going than the average card/board game. For that reason, this isn't one of my main projects rn so much as a little pet idea. For anyone familiar with Duelyst, this game would be kinda similar to that (except units would heal at the end of turns, like in Magic). You have a 9x5 grid board, with a general at each end. Kill your opponent's general to win. The key idea that this game is based around is what I call the "sacrifice" system. Instead of having designated mana/energy/land/whatever cards, every card would serve as 1 point of resource. The entire game revolves around this mechanic. To deploy a 1-cost unit, discard one card. To cast a 3-cost spell, discard three cards.

The combat would also make use of the sacrifice mechanic, where each unit would not only have base Attack and Health stats, but would also have Max Attack and Health stats. Whenever an attack is initiated, the attacking player can sacrifice cards to boost their unit's attack by one point per card, up to the unit's max attack. The defending unit can do the same with health. Both players reveal the number of cards used at the same time, so it creates a bit of strategic uncertainty without introducing any unnecessary randomness.

I'm debating whether or not it would be a good idea to allow players to sacrifice units that are already deployed, but idk (maybe it could be a special ability for a Hero unit)

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You'd need a lot of cards to

You'd need a lot of cards to make this work. "7 in hand and draw 1 per turn" won't cut it. You'd have to be drawing multiple per turn, which makes me think the decks would be extra-large..

But I like the idea of sacrificing useful cards to play other cards.

Is there a reason it needs to be a CCG, rather than just a CG?

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Just exploring

The average CCG (Collectible Card Game) requires about 300 illustrated cards for a "First Edition". That's a LOT of artwork. That would price your project at $30k for art ONLY! So as-is, it is impossible to crowdfund or perhaps the level of funding is HIGH, that the odds of success are lower.

I'd imagine that a goal of $45k to 50k is what would be needed for production and fulfillment.

As I said before, it's high... Not impossible, but mostly improbable. Less we forget that you also must DELIVER on the promises made to the Backers. That too is another important point. You need to complete the project and deliver the product to Backers.

That's why designing a "pure" CCG is not of high interest. Random booster production is also more complicated - possible but more complex than producing a "Card Game" for example (which has cards that come in a box).

So that leaves "Card Games" in the realm of possibility with some kind of format that is "more creative" than boosters and still involves a "collectible" element to the game. Because without the "collectible" aspect basically all you have is a "Card Game" (CG).

Jay103 wrote:
"Is there a reason it needs to be a CCG, rather than just a CG?

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Constructive commentary

If I understand correctly, you want to have a system where you have a variety of cards, but where you must discard cards from your hand to play other cards. I think that if you adopt a system like Dominion, where you discard your hand at turn's end anyways and then draw a new hand, it would work quite well - you'd have to decide what's worth playing and what's worth keeping in each hand.

However, I actually think that it wouldn't be a very good CCG, because some cards would be played almost exclusively as fodder for sacrificing. However, it DOES sound like it would work well as a deckbuilder (and it would be simpler to execute that way). The question is - what would be the objective of the game? deplete the opponent's health pool? Tactical simulation? Capture the flag with orcs? Wizards dueling it out over who gets the last of the beetle snuff?

You might also consider a "trashing" system, whereby you can get better value from a card if you completely remove it from your deck, rather than discarding it when you spend it to pay for another card. Just something that came to mind as I thought about your idea.

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This sounds a LOT like the

This sounds a LOT like the fairly successful Pixel Tactics, which is a self-contained game with a similar concept, and you can combine other sets and mix them together. I would highly recommend picking up a copy to get some ideas on making yours better.

IMHO, Pixel Tactics is a fun game that has lots of room for improvement, primarily in the realm of making turns a little more streamlined.

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