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Filler game with gateway elements

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I'm working on a filler game (never done one of those before) that has a few elements going on:
- Quick, light play interaction
- Multiplayer
- Small set of cards (about 60) in which 10 are up for grabs and represent points, while the majority of them cycle through the deck (think Uno or Skip-Bo)
- Trick-taking in which the winner keeps one of the point cards in their 'win pile' and the other cards go back into the discard (and eventually new draw pile)

I am wanting for this to be a gateway game that introduces a few of the elements we tend to see in euro-style games to ease newbies in. So I'm thinking of folding in:
- Set collection
- Victory points
- End-game scoring to keep tension and interest high
- Possibly others that are easy to pick up and can help ease people into euro-style gaming concepts?

Where I am getting snagged is in the following:
- I have probably played all of 3 or 4 filler games in my life (Bang, No Sale, and Saboteur immediately come to mind)
- I am having trouble latching on to what qualities make filler games to be 'fun', 'interesting', 'addicting' where people will play them over and over

So in summary:

1) What aspects of euro-games are a good match for folding into a filler game like this?
2) What games should I look at to get a sense for the key qualities that make a filler game fun?

Thanks in advance.

Markus Hagenauer
Joined: 12/04/2009
some examples

As filler games are quite easy games, it is difficult to get "aspects of euro-games" into them.
But a good trick taking or auctioning system might work.
To get fun into it - short and simple - you need luck involved.
If the best thinker wins everytime, you missed your goal.

Have a look at

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I think we managed something

I think we managed something like this in a game we've released in Print and Play and will have in print shortly...

NILE has a harvesting euro feel with some set collection and scoring that's based on best sets not total tricks.


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