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Game Designer looking for Programmer and Graphic Designers

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Joined: 03/10/2010

After my fail at programming my game I decided to look for help. My game is a multiplayer TCG (Yu-Gi-Oh style, but in fact way different). It's planned first to be a F2P beta and if people like it and we have enough players to be fully released as P2P.

Why do I think my game will be better than other TCG?
-Amazing and serious graphic
-Great gameplay
-The fun of PvP
-Requires skill for deck construction and also luck ingame
-Easy method to pay

What will the programmer have to do for BETA?
-Register Form
-Login Form
-Profile Page
-Card shop
-Deck Construction Room
-Game Room
I have an almost finished engine for the game in GML, but it has some bugs.

What you get?
-A cut of the income
-Your name in the credits
-I'll keep you in mind for future projects

Please contact me with PM or at .

Joined: 02/16/2010
Helpy helperton

Well Im always happy to help an aspireing coder. If your serious about high end graphix I recommend my buddy Will. Please understand that he is a serious artist (currently working for an MMO) and will be expecting your inquiry to be professional. As a side note, he usually works for money, but in my experience if a project inspires him you may be able to get some work for credit-recognition.

Joined: 03/10/2010
Thank You! I'll contact him.

Thank You! I'll contact him. Yes, it is professional and everyone that takes part in the creation of the game will get a certain cut of the income.

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