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Looking for game designers and illustrators on BGDF - Can you help?

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Joined: 08/17/2008

Hi all

I'm currently designing a new game with another talanted member here but we have some extra funds to publish another game.

So I'm looking for more talented designers who would like to help create a new game for the educational market.

It has to be fun and exciting that has an underlining theme e.g. how can you make forces and energy topic fun or light and sound fun!? That's the challenge for you.

Is there anyone here who may be interested?

We've got Toy Fair in London booked for January 2011 - so I'm hoping to pubish it in time for that alongside our other games.

Is there anyone who has experience here?

There is royalty and advance royalty payment for all successful designers.

Happy to answer questions on here.

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Joined: 07/21/2008
I am interested and have

I am interested and have experience.

A few things I'd like to know more about, and I think might make more people interested too are:

- Are you looking for any specific themes, topics or types of games?
- Any specific age range or target audience?
- Game length and complexity?
- Component limitations or preferences (other than cards, I guess)?

Joined: 08/17/2008


As I am a science based teacher I am currently looking for science themed games.

Example: A game about Energy

Can you turn the different types of energies into exciting characters that have powers associated with their underlying properties e.g kinetic energy has the gift of speed, gravitational energy can transform into a large beast and pull others close to it the larger it becomes, magnetic energy is made from specific material that all its powers to come to effect, and so on...the children can remember the characters and hence remember the different types of energies. Although it's not a memory game - the winner maybe the first one who collects all types of energy...loosely.

My reference would be this site:

Choose any topic from the list and turn it into a fun game.

Games can be as simple or complex as you like. The final work will be adapted to the market we end up targetting.

Our current market are children between 7/8 to 14.

Components preference to card games but will consider tokens and other common gaming pieces.

I have created a couple of loop card games but they are very basic and am looking to source and publish more exciting with commercial appeal hence the emphasis on characters.

I will have a newsletter this week to the cause of 'Celebrating Innovation in Education' using card games as the innovative tool used to promote learning in a camaflouged way.

I hope I have helped to explain a little more. But do feel free to ask anything further.

All I am looking for is an innovative exciting way to bring learning to life without telling the pupils that they are learning - I want them to enjoy it naturally that they forget about the learning part and remember the fun.

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I am a math teacher and think

I am a math teacher and think it is pretty sweet that you have actually got funding for educational games, albiet they are science. But what is science if not applied mathematics right? :)

Anyway I have a few ideas for games using some different type of energy. (Kinetic, potential, magnetic, polar, gravity, inertia, friction, etc) Short, easy to learn, and thematic to help students learn the different types of energy.

If you would like send me a message and we can talk about it. I am also not a professional graphic artist, but am pretty good and may be able to help with graphics as well. Just PM and tell me what you are thinking.


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Hi Redcap

Although the games have an underlying education theme - I am moving into more commercial type games so the games themselves do not emphasise the learning but the characters themselves.

If you can think of a concept that creates new heroes and/ or villains that capture the kids imagination first then the actual science part can be more discreet.

I DO want to emphasise commercial
I DON'T want to emphasise the education side so much

I can't think of an example right now but will post something later when I do think of something to compare it with.

Actually - you know like Dora the Explorer - that is an example of emphasis on the character but with underlying education but kids don't realise they are learning they just enjoy the cartoon for what it is.

Joined: 03/09/2010
I'm just going to share a few

I'm just going to share a few thoughts I had.

When I was younger I participated in something called Science Olympiad. One of the many "events" was one where you created a Rube Goldberg type device that had various different kinds of energy releases (mechanical, chemical, etc.). You could make a game based on that, where you have different cards that represent mini-reactions and have force vectors on their edges that have to match with other cards.

Another idea (which might be more costly in production) would be to have parts of a pinball machine (ramps, springs, bumpers, lights) and have players build their own pinball machines with it. Again, more money, but it would be very hands-on. You could teach about color and other physical properties with this thing.

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Licensing opportunities

When I am thinking of a game - I am thinking of a commercial type game. Branding is the first area I look at.

That is why I want people to try to de-emphasise the actual education side and focus on the characters, the story line and the games mechanics.

If you can build it around an education objective WITHOUT emphasising that this is the objective then that is the sort of thing I am looking for.

I appreciate it sounds a little abstract but it needs to work more so commercially where there are other areas of growth e.g. spin off products.

I'm currently doing this with a fantastic illustrator and designer now so it's a very exciting experience to be part of.

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Your answer helped a lot, as did the link you provided.
Now my main problem is too many ideas I need to work on to turn some of them into a game. ;)

I'll do some work and contact you again once I have something interesting to show you.

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I'm currently studying to

I'm currently studying to become an engineer, and these types of games hold a high interest to me.

Currently I have one game you may be interested in. It's an epic racing game based in space, and I believe it could do a great job at subtly teaching some astronomy concepts, as well as some other basic concepts.

Shoot me a message if interested. Albiet it's a board game.

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You teach, Science, *I* teach science, too!

I have taught science at the secondary level for 7 years, and do quite love the idea of ambient learning in a kid's environment and toys. And I really *don't* like blatant educational games.

Based on your other information, I'll work up a few loose ideas and send them to you. Thank you for making this announcement!

Joined: 08/17/2008
It's nice to see more people

It's nice to see more people coming forward. There is so much talent in the hobby games's a great opportunity to translate that into more commercially based products with discrete educational themes.

The process suggested is the following:

- Create a game you enjoy with all the mechanics of the game ready - try to create it with a science theme. If you have draft rule document then please send this across.
- Contact me with an outline proposal initially
- I will look at several factors - specifically the market gap it fits, the potential scaleability, branding opportunity and game play.

I don't sign NDAs - I am after talented designers and need to build up relationship with people like yourselves as a priority so I have no interest in 'taking' a game from someone else. Also due to the possibility of more than one designer submitting a similar game I cannot gaurantee that your game will be unique.

My email is for all submissions.

I will keep everyone posted on developments. Feel free to ask any questions.

Joined: 08/17/2008
Card Games

Just in case it's not clear - the idea is for card games to be published..not any other type of 'toy'.

Sorry for sounding obvious - but just in case I wasn't clear :D

Harris Dvores
Joined: 03/07/2010
Science game ready for publication

I am a long-time game inventor and have published two educational games. Last year, a key distributor requested that I create a science game, and Heroes of the Solar System was born. The distributor loved the game, but financial difficulties caused him to back out of the order, and Heroes was never published.

Heroes is a card game, and you can vary the educational "intensity" of the game to customize it to your players. The game is set in the near future, and the object is to supply colonists throughout the solar system with the supplies they desperately need to survive. Players can gain and lose supply cards by answering questions about the solar system. It makes a great team game, and can be played by 2-4 players.

You can see the Heroes game board and read the rules at:

Let me know if you are interested.


Joined: 08/17/2008
Game ready

Hi Harris

Thanks for sharing the game you have developed. I've looked at it briefly only and will look more into it later.

If I think that there is an opportunity there I will let you know..otherwise I will update you here on this thread.


Harris Dvores
Joined: 03/07/2010
Heroes of the Solar System

Thanks, Eiman.

Here is a link to the game board, as well as my other games:


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