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Looking for games with similar mechanics.

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I'm looking for people with a lot more board game knowledge than me to potentially help me out. I have to make a board game for school. It's meant to be for 4 people and am starting my research phase.

Right now the main idea I have is a game set in pre Roman Empire times (between 40-30 BC). Here's my (very) rough ideas, a lot of them clashing or too many of them all mixed:

Players control 1 of 4 major families trying to gain control over Rome and want to become Emperor to topple the Republic.

The goal is to gather enough influence with the military/people/senate/(maybe 4th would be knowledge). Would need 2 out of 3 to win, get above a certain threshold.

There would be 2 maps: one of Rome to show your family's spread of influence by taking control of districts and constructing buildings in your name. The other maps would just be an indirect overview of the spread of the Republic. It would be updated through military expansion, by decrees of the senate.

Population influence would be gained through providing enough food, having good sanitation and offering things like games for entertainment.

Senate influence would be done through completing missions for them (could be things like expand republic, organize games)

Military influence would be the strength of the family's army and how many lands have been conquered by your faction.

There would be a list of buildings to chose from to steer your faction in a certain direction (food industries/better military/sanitation) that would be fitted into slots within Rome.

Some other things I've thought about are potential tech trees (maybe down the line once the rest is a lot more polished) and some form of religion through temples dedicated to a certain god.

If you know of any game that has similarities to one or more of these points I'd love to hear some recommendations so I know where to look and go over their implementation.

Here's a list of games that have been suggested to me: Game of Thrones boardgame, Lords of the Waterdeep, Ave Roma, Mare Nostrum: Empire, Rise of Augustus.

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Trajan is a eurogame with a similar theme:

I generally like Shut Up & Sit Down video reviews for learning more about games. Their review of Trajan is a bit negative, but it does a good job of introducing how the game works:

If you want to include Coliseum combat in your game, consider looking at Spartacus:

Joined: 06/30/2017

Seems like I forgot to add it to the list, as someone recommended Trajan too. Good to see it mentioned more than once, and thanks for the review link!

I don't think coliseum combat would fit the game, but in case things change I'll keep it in mind. Thanks!

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