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quests ideas for a new boardgame

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hi everybody.

i`ve started working on an idea i have for a fantasy boradgame. you have a hero and you can improve him etc.
i want to have 2 kinds of cards- 1. encounters- monsters, events, strangers (like in talisman). 2. quests- all kind of tasks, with rewards.

i realy realy need ideas for these cards (mostly for quests). i need them to be simple, not too complicated, but fun and not boring.
basiclly, the map consists of city in the center (where you can rest & buy stuff) and the wilderness around it. there are forests, mountains, mabey a swamp- this is where you mainly pick up encounter cards. and, all kind of sites where you pick up quest cards.

i could realy use a brainstorm.... so... start shooting.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


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one more thing. i`de like to

one more thing.
i`de like to know if theres a software that can help me design the board....

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What kind of board?

Is it like . . . point to point movement, or zones? (in which case something simple like GIMP or Illustrator or whatever could help with a nice board image) If it had terrain hexes, there's a link somewhere on the forum to something for making hex grids (just search for it, and there's some information!)

As far as quests go . . . well what's your world like?

Whatever your answer is, I would suggest going to a site like thottbot or wowhead, and looking up quests for World of Warcraft, since there's thousands of them. They range from slaying hordes of dragons, to looking for a gnome's toolbox. You may say 'Oooh, what a bunch of neat ideas!' and apply the inspiration to your world. Or, you might say 'Uh, this is why I don't play this stupid game, what a bunch of dumb quests.' In that case you'll probably spark some inspiration about why your world is so much better!

Either way, you should have some better ideas, and it involves a lot less typing on my part, since I could probably list a thousand WoW quests off the top of my head. (Yeah, it's pretty sad . . . )


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thx man... i realy think i

thx man... i realy think i can find the things i need there.

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Specifically I'd to check out World of Warcraft the Boardgame; if your interested in this type of hero quest game then you might even want to buy it.

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I'd also check out Tales of

I'd also check out Tales of the Arabian Nights since that game sounds like the definition you gave of the game you'd like to make.

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