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RunePower (exchange game) idea, feedback needed

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Im working on developing an strategic online game, well, meanwhile i have thinking about the game rules needed and as a side game i have an idea i want to get feedback on it.

The game supports hundreds of players (web based game). At the start, the player gets 4 Rune stones and say 100 gold coins. Every players have a level, new players start at level 1.
There are many Rune Stones (this is a thing to think about), lets say 20 types of runes (lets say each rune has a "letter" written on it"). A players has some space to store his/her runestones. At level 1 a player has 5 rune space, at level 2, he has 6 runes space and so on.
At the start, the player gets 4 runes randomly (i.e: a player gets the runes A, B, J and A again, runes can be repeated).
To reach level 2, the players need to make a "RunePower". It is a combination of 2 runes. The rune power is different for each player (randomly), so a player needs runes A and B, and another player needs a J and a C, etc.
At every level, the rune power increases the number of runes to make it (to get level 2, the runepower is 2 runes, to get level 3, the player needs to get 3 runes, etc.)
Lets say players can reach level 50 or so. When a player reach another level, they get space for one more rune, a new "runepower" combination to get to the next level (increases on 1 rune). They also reveive a free rune and some gold coins.
As players rarely have the runes they need to go up on levels, they need to exchange runes between players, combine 2 runes onto another one, or buy them (im not sure of implementing the 3 ways to get runes).
There is a forum or board for the players. They can post there their feelings about the game and try to make exchanges. But to exchange runes, they have to make an "agreement".
Players have 1 "offer" slot. An offer is like a post on a special forum, so they offer some runes and/or coins, and also what they want in exchange (how many coins/runes and its type). This "offer" is online as many time as the player wants, so other players can see the offer and agree or refuse it.
Players can buy more "offer" slot for a price in gold coins.
If a player agrees on an offer from another player, the exchange is automatically and securely made.

I think players could spent some money, and go to a "foundry", or magic portal, where they put 2 runes, and they get only one, but they can somewhat say what type of rune they want.
Another way to get more runes is to go to a rune shop. The rune shop sells runes of every type at a price in coins. im not sure the price, but i think that it could depend on the offer and deman on some runes...
Players can get some money every day or week, so they can spend some money on runes, im not sure to implement this.

Well, im not sure if this game is interesting or it could be really boring, what do you think?
any games like this around there? any ideas for improving it?


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Compelling reason?

I'm not seeing the compelling reason for why I would want to have a rune stone. Can you elaborate?

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Perhaps the game idea is too

Perhaps the game idea is too abstract to be a complete game,
we can think on runestones as runes, so some combinations of them give powers to the player (the players are druids or mages),
perhaps the same idea can be applied to something like hackers collecting pieces of codes to access higher levels of security on remote computers, etc,
as i said, its just a side game idea, but i have a feeling it could grow to a fun game, changing some things, and givinng the game an appropiate ambient and story.

I have not planned on having a board on this game, but perhaps we can have something like a map, with some cities. A player is on a city, and there is a rune shop with only some runes, and other runes can be found on others cities. Perhaps the cities are on fight one against others, etc,
This part is not really well developed, but i think you can help with good ideas here.

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