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Update/Remake of Previous Game Concept - Need Opinions Please

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Hello all. I had an idea that I've been toying with; off and on since last year ( Its been put on the back-burner and modified haphazardly over the past few months. Here is my current version in summary, and one that I've become more drawn to more and more.

Please forgive me for the following formatting. I kinda wanted to just throw ALL my ideas down and I don't have a clear way of best getting it represented yet. I'll apologize now.

Theme: Fantasy (elves, dwarves, knights, etc.)

Art style: I like Edouard Guiton (artist for The Adventurers, Cadwallon, Mad Zeppelin, etc.)

Game Goal: Each player seeks to gain the most Reputation by the end of the game.

Game Contents (very early rough estimations): 12 Characters, 10 Ability cards per Character (total of 120 Ability cards), terrain tiles (8"x8" in size or so, not sure how many yet), Monster cards, Random Encounter cards, Treasure cards, Quest cards, various tokens, and bunch of 6-sided dice

How to Play:
-All players begin the game on a starting zone tile. This starting zone is also where the player must return to at the end of the game. Terrain tiles will branch from this starting zone.

-A Player's character will choose 3 ability cards from their stack of 10 available cards. Then the player draws a Quest card.

-Terrain tiles have arrows on them indicating the direction a player may travel through them (North to South, East to West, or all 4).

-On the player's turn, they place a random terrain tile and move onto it. The player chooses which direction they go from the previous tile they were on.

-The terrain tile (Mountains, Rivers, Deserts, Towns, etc.) will also let a player know if there are any Wandering Monsters or Random Encounters available. A player would then pull a Monster card or Random Encounter card, resolve an action (Combat, a trap, acquire a weapon or help, etc.). If no Monsters or Random Encounters, the player may Search for Treasure. Defeating a Monster will also grant Treasure.

-Treasure, killing certain monsters, and various random encounters grant a character Reputation. A Quest can generate even more Reputation if you complete the task involved on the Quest.

-Once all Terrain tiles have been put into play or perhaps a certain amount of rounds played (maybe 6 rounds of player turns), the players must make their way back to the starting zone to turn in their Treasures, Monsters they've defeated, and Quests completed to tally up their total Reputation. The one with the most Reputation wins.

-Characters have 4 stats (Combat, Magic, Search, and Stamina). Players can attack each other (to steal Treasure, or to slow them down). They may use 1 of their Abilities each turn.

-The stat number (ex: Combat of 4), is how many dice are rolled. The number needed for a successful roll will be indicated on the Ability card (ex. Player 1's Combat is 4. The Hammer Attack ability says any 4's is a success. Player 1 rolls 4 dice and gets a 2, 4, 5, 4. Player 1 has 2 successes. The Monster needs to defend, it has a Combat of 3. The Hammer Attack ability says to defend you need to roll any 6's to succeed. Monster rolls 3 dice and gets a 2, 4, 6. Only one success to Player 1's 2 successes. Player 1 wins). Attackers win ties.

-A failure to defend against a Combat or Magic or Random Encounter might generate a Stamina token on your character. When you have as many Stamina tokens as the Stamina stat, your character must Rest one turn (no movement, no Searching for treasure, no Ability, etc.), which removes all tokens. IF a player moves onto a town or city terrain tile, they may trade in 1 Treasure to remove Stamina tokens as well.

-If a Player fails to defend against a Monster's attack, they may take 1 Stamina token AND will flee back 1 Terrain tile. The Monster remains in play on the Terrain tile it was drawn onto. The Monster remains until it has receives as many Stamina tokens as its Stamina stat.

-Searching for Treasure occurs on Terrain tiles without Monsters or Random Encounters. Roll as many dice as the Search stat on the Character card. Any roll of a 6 is 1 Treasure found.

Please forgive the jumble of notes. All suggestions are welcome. The more constructive feedback the better.

Thanks for your time!

Joined: 11/22/2011
UPDATES Characters Stats -



Stats - Combat, Magic, Search?, Stamina
3 Actions -
Examples of Actions: Movement (Terrain effects how many Movement actions required)
- Search for Treasure
- failed Combat/Magic events will end all your Actions that turn.
- Drawing a Monster or Random Encounter is NOT an Action as the movement onto that terrain tile was the Action spent.

- Characters will draw a Quest card at the beginning of the game.

- Characters will choose 3 Retinue cards from their Character-specific deck. Each Retinue member has an ability and/or passive bonus to apply to the Character throughout the game.

- Characters may only carry a certain amount of Treasures before the amount of Actions they have is affected. Light (0-4 Treasures) - no affect, Medium (5-7) -1 Action, Heavy (8-10) -2 Actions to a minium of 1.

Terrain Tiles

- In the beginning, Players alternate turns placing all the Terrain tiles out, starting from the Start Zone. Originally it would be randomly drawn by the Players on their turn. Opinions?

- Each Terrain tile will tell how many Monsters exist on it, if any. When a Player moves onto the Terrain, draw a random Monster card and Combat occurs. Once the Monster reaches its maximum Stamina it is defeated and the Player receives Treasure, if any.

- If a Player loses to the Monster, the Player might get a Stamina token, or one of the Player's Retinue is destroyed, and/or the Player might run away back one Terrain tile.

- Once all the Monsters on the Terrain are defeated, the Terrain is Conquered, flip the Terrain over to the side indicated Conquered. Conquered Terrain grant Reputation bonus to Players. I could introduce another Quest idea of Conqueror (Conquer X amount of Terrain to get +10 Reputation)

- On certain Terrain (cities/towns) might be the option to Recruit. Trade in 1 Treasure to recruit a new member of your Retinue (you can only have a maximum of 3 though). Draw 3 more Retinue cards from your Character's deck, and choose 1 to be recruited and discard Treasure in exchange.

Thoughts, opinions?

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