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WANTED Game Designer for Ludum Dare game jam

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Hi everyone ! :)

We are looking for game designer that would like to join our team in making video game for Ludum Dare game jam. Ludum Dare competition starts this Friday, and it's 72 hours long, but it is okay if you cannot be available all the time.

Ludum Dare is one of largest and longest running game jams in the world in which participants are required to create a video game that fits within a given theme. More info :

I am video game designer myself, but I will more focus on managing the project and programming, so we two will probably work a lot together. I am looking for someone that is good with designing game mechanics, and can work around specific theme. Theme will be announced on day when Ludum Dare starts, and it will be one of themes from this link :
In team we also have two artists, one experienced programmer that will help with complex problems if it will be needed ( like advanced math, physics, algorithms etc. ), one composer, and one sound designer.

The winner game is chosen by community and there is no prizes except fame, friendship, experience, and video game prototype that can be later expanded into full game if it's good. On last game jam I attended we made interesting shooter that won best design award, and we are gonna make full game out of it.

This year we formed experienced team, and idea is that we have fun together, learn a lot from each other, and try to come up with something interesting and fun to play. Designing video games is different then designing board games, but there is lot of connections, and like I said for me the most important thing is sharing the knowledge and experimenting with different combinations, so I am really interested to see what we can make together.

Some of my projects :
Forget-Me-Not ( with nyarlu )
Sudden Aviator ( with DeathInk )
Crazy Over Goo ( with banov )
Verge ( with Kyle Pulver aka xerus )
Epic Wizard Showdown ( in development, for company )
10800 Zombies ( with jwaaap )
Rocking Pilot ( in development )

Looking forward for your messages ! :)

Skype : xravenxiii
Email :

Hopefully this is the right place to post, if not, please move it another place. Thank you. :)

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Video games

I hadn't heard of Ludum Dare before, but it looks nice. I've been involved in a similar thing (several years ago) making 5-minute machinima videos in a 40 hour competition, and that was lots of fun -- though very tiring.

It sounds like you have a good team on board, which makes the whole experience more fun. I also checked out the games you linked on Newgrounds, and I think Crazy Over Goo and Verge have some interesting concepts.

You're right about the crossover between video game design and board game design. While there are some specific differences due to the medium, the core element of "game" is the same. So I think it's great that you've come to a place like this to round out your team. There's plenty of both talented and aspiring game designers here. While the short notice might limit people's availability, hopefully someone will take you up.


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I've only done the ludum dare

I've only done the ludum dare thing once before. Exhausting but very rewarding. Not up for it this time around but I recommend anyone who has the time give it a go.

My entry from when I participated :0)

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