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War Chest - Stocks plus combat

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Basic outline:

2-3 player
6 Zones of play in a circle - 3 Cities and 3 Mega-Corps
4-5 Player
10 Zones of play in a circle - 5 Cities and 5 Mega-Corps

Each turn players get $30Million and 30 Military Points to spend on investments and units.
They deploy units in their city and they can move 1 space per turn. They use them to defend/attack certain Mega-Corps depending on their investment strategy.

$ can be used to buy shares of Mega-Corps which pay dividends plus increase share price. Selling shares or attacking a Mega-Corp lowers it's share price.
$ Can also be used to increase your City's R&D/Factories which increases your Military Points per round.

Btw anyone know why my playtester post for disappeared?

Joined: 07/28/2011
Tested a game of it today. I

Tested a game of it today.

I knew I did not have the Stock aspect fleshed out but dear god that did not work the way it I imagined it would. And the military pieces were too overpriced so we saw little military combat before we decided to call it a wrap and brainstorm about all the things that went wrong.

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You should definitely keep

You should definitely keep working on yours -- but you should probably take a look at the 2009 game MegaCorps.

I haven't played it yet and I'm pretty sure it's more stock and less military focused, but the overlapping concepts are there. I'll make it easy for you - Rulebook from Z-Man.

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