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In Balance, an Element-based Tile Combat game (WIP)

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Hi there! I've been working on this game for the better part of 2 years now and it's gone through so many iterations it makes my head hurt to look back on them!

This game is for two players right now, and plays in 30-45 minutes. This is just the first Round of In Balance, and I intend on adding 4 more rounds in the future as well as a scoring system to keep track of Tile and Hearth kills, but before I started working on those, I wanted to make sure the framework of the game was solid and as I don't live near enough to anyone from whom I can get playtest opinions, I've turned to BGG!

I wrote far too much in the Setup/Rules section, so I'll keep it short here, but please let me know what you think about how the game plays out! I'm not experienced in graphic design and rulebook writing (I'm a music teacher, you can see my scatterbrained approach to writing in the erratic layout of the rules...), so I appreciate your feedback in those categories, but I'm really looking for gameplay responses (feel free to answer any or none of these questions, or come up with questions for me!):

1. What was enjoyable about the game? What wasn't?
2. Who did you play with (what's your relationship with the person)? Was their answer to question 1 different? How?
3. What would you change about the general aesthetic design (did the colored circles suffice to signify the Elements, or is further conversion needed?), excluding the lack of art?
4. How did the Hearth Exception rules add to or detract from the experience of turn order? What are your opinions of the initiative line mechanic?
5. How did general movement feel throughout the game? If applicable, how did the cards restrict movement?
6. How did the 'combo' mechanic (pairing like-Elements together) of combat add to or detract from the experience? Did the Hearth Exception ever come into play, and how did it add to or remove from the battling experience?
7. Did one player wreak havoc all game, or was it fairly even until the end? Did the winner deserve their victory, or why didn't they?
8. How difficult was it to hit the Hearth with the enemy being able to summon their Tile at the end of the turn it was destroyed? Should they have to wait a turn or sacrifice a Card to do so, or was losing the tile punishment enough?
9. What aspects of the game lend themselves to replayability, and which take away from that?
10. How was the game length? What would you change to make it shorter or longer?
11. Does it feel unique or too alike any existing game? Which game?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION! Really, I can't say that enough. Anyone who's kind enough to give In Balance a chance goes down in my book of wonderful people. I hope you have fun slinging raw Elements at your buddies and enjoy In Balance!

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Rules Overview

I've taken a short look at your rules... I will give a review and a possible playtest when I can find time!

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Thank you, Tbone! I look forward to any input you may have for me!

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