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Flash and online ports of your games

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Joined: 07/30/2008

I would really like to bring some of my game concepts to a larger playtest pool, and doing so online seems a great way to do so. Originally, I'd thought about GatlingEngine or even Vassal, but I never EVER seem to be able to find players on either doing much of anything, aside about six people playing loads of games I've never heard of (Vassal) or sitting there waiting for opponents (Gatling). On top of that neither one of their forums has been useful for getting people to reply (not like here). Basically, I've given up on both unless I can be persuaded otherwise.

I was reading here (and at its site) about Lackey CCG. It seems like a really nice fit for what I'd like to do (I've several card games ready to beta); how have people done using it for their own new games vs. established plug-ins? I was also wondering if anyone here had ever tried out's flash game generator. I think they call it "Flash Lab" or something like that.

Speaking of using flash, how hard is it to learn?

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Recently I began to investigate Vassal, I have to say it is a very powerful tool, for player testing and prototyping, as far as finding people to play or play test, well, that can be difficult regardless of the medium be it print or digital.
Expecting a rapid reply on any forum, is unrealistic, patients is my best advice in regards to forums.
Flash can be quite powerful too, but expect a steep learning curve.

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Flash Lab on Kongregate is

Flash Lab on Kongregate is not really noob friendly and it requires that you have some sort of Flash development program (usually costs a pretty penny). I have some programming experience so it was a bit easier for me to understand. If you have ever programmed Java or something similar then you should be ok, otherwise I would find a different way to get your game out there.

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to solve the problem of not enough people,

have you considered having it playable turn-by-turn? ie players log on, take their turn, then log off, to come back when it's their turn again.

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Java competitor to Flash

I read on slashdot a while ago that Sun has released a Java competitor to Flash. I think it's free.

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