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Looking for feedback for my boardgame - Pactio

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Hi all,
Pactio is a economy board game that I've been working on since last Summer. I've done a tons of playtesting in my home town, but now I made the print and play version of the game available to public through game's website. . It's a pretty complex game and takes around 3-5 hours of play and is meant for 3-5 players, but I believe it has quite a few unique and fresh features to be worth your time.

So to help you decide about if the game might be something you'd like: It is basically an economy game with strong emphasis on player diplomacy. I achieved that through binding deals system, where basically you simply have to keep your end of the bargain, so you can make very far reaching deals. This makes diplomacy much more rational driven while keeping it's emotional side.
The second interesting thing I tried was giving players roles with strong differents in both weaknesses, strengths and goals. Some of the roles play completely differently than other ones, so when the game starts there is this sort of theatric scene set up, and depending on the creativity of thinking out schemes and deals, it can go pretty wild, in a good sense.
So what do you do in the game? All the players build the same city, a young one, from an humble beginning to well, they decide what it becomes eventually.
You buy buildings (they provide you with income, boons and victory points), develop them, influence public figures for extra tricks, make deals and fulfill your role's missions (the second main source for victory points).
The game involves 16 turns. Every turn each player can do one action (role action, influence, buy buildings or develop). The actions are placed down simultanously.
The game also involves bidding.

Right now the game is in the stage, where the core rules are set, but it needs extra playtesting to balance things out, improve wording, make rules clearer etc. etc.
So all the help is really welcome. Thankyou for reading.

And again, print and play is hosted in , which I made with the help of game's illustrator. And if you want to follow what's happening, then is the place for discussion for now.

Joined: 10/12/2012
I noticed that I had done a

I noticed that I had done a few mistakes in the english version. If you haven't started playing yet, you can check them out in the website . I tryed to smoothe the inconvenience as much as possible, but I'm still sorry for that.

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