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Looking for some initial feedback on rules composition

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Joined: 05/25/2010

Hey all,

So, I just finished the monumental task of actually writing down everything in my head, at least as far as it pertains to the rules of my card game. I've been in an on again off again relationship with this game design/child of mine and it's honestly amazing how long i've had parts (see: whole chapters) of the rulebook only exist in my head. Today actually marks the first time since I started the project the whole rulebook has existed in writing at the same time, both a shame it took so long and a blessing its no longer the case.

I've opted to use a wiki style site for my rules hosting since I think that style of paginated rules works well for a CCG style game. You can find the rules site at

If any of you are willing compatriots, I'm asking for some feedback on any or all of it. The short and easy stuff is layout and readability. I've been staring at the dang templates for so long i'm numb to them so getting some outside eyes on it might be helpful. If you are a real glutton for punishment and want to actually read the words I wrote, then feedback on the game is more than welcome.

My goal with the rules was to be a nice mix of strictly formal rules and something more towards the "okay I can read this" side of the spectrum.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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First Glance - Looks good

Hey there Innuendo,

I took a quick (~15 minute) look at your rules, and they look very good at a first glance. I agree that the wiki style works very well for your game. Everything displayed well, with the small exception that the stone-texture banner across the top did not go all the way to the right hand side of my screen. Also the word "User" by the login box was invisible against the stone background.

Other than that the Welcome looked good, the Quick Start, the Overview, and the first couple sections of the rules. Everything loaded well with no text wonkiness or anything strange.

There definitely were some typos, but I think that's probably normal considering it is the first time living outside your brain.

Good work, and good luck!

Joined: 05/25/2010
Thanks Andy!

Proof reading my own work never works. It seems like by brain caches whatever I type so when I read it over for errors it always looks right.

I almost always have to print out my work and edit with pen and paper, which isn't practical for this amount of material. i'm actually recruiting some peers to help me with it, so it's own my "to doing now" list.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad it went over most well for you.

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I read the quick start guide

Hi Innuendo,

I read through the entire quick start guide (I think I even understand how to play! :) ) and the overall format looks good. I had a few thoughts that you might want to consider adding.

Anytime you use a word that is a game concept (like "build" or "recruit"), you might want to change the font in someway so it stands out and becomes apparent that the word in question is significant to the game play.

More later...time to board the plane!

Joined: 05/25/2010
Great idea on adding more

Great idea on adding more emphasis to the quick start guide Orangebeard.

I guess your little aside in parenthesis there is probably important! Do you feel like you have any idea what the game is doing? Thanks for the comments, look forward to what appears to be more to come.

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