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Magicka (The Board Game)

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Well, I feel like I'm on a roll! Currently, my main game that I'm focused on is my pnp Moba, which I hope to bring to you guys as an actual Print and play.

In the meantime, I have made a game with physical components (I.E. not a pen and paper game), and played it for a while.

I have extensively played it, both with myself, friends, and even my sister. The game is based off of Magicka.(
I believe I have come up with a unique method and translated the game fairly well into a board game format, including the ability to create your own spells! It (currently) uses a chess board, the spell deck, some pawns, and some dice.

I was wondering,
1. Is there any interest for this?
2. Should I post this on here, or exclusively focus on my PnP Moba?

Keep in mind, this game IS fully ready for playtesting, and just needs some polishing and playtesting. I would have to scan the rules on, the cards, and extensively try to explain it.

TLDR; Post this, or focus on PnP Moba?

Plus, I really hope I'm not overloading everyone with all my game posts... I just get so excited because boardgames are one of my biggest hobbies :P

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I liked the theme of magicka,

I liked the theme of magicka, but I could never played because the controls were too complex.

I once thought of making a dungeon crawler where players were only wizards and magicka seems to do that.

One mechanic that spawn in my mind is that since magicka use combinations of elements, why not make players draw cards with various elements and combine them together to cast spells. Maybe they have a small spell book with all the element combination they need to cast a spell. Maybe each player has different spell books. Maybe in some area of the board, some elements are availbale for free (ex: near a river, you get a free water card)

Then make in a dungeon drawling game where they need to kill monsters and fulfil objectives. They will need creative ways to overcome the obstacles according to the elements they draw.

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That's funny; my system has each player has all the elements, in forms of a card. You can combine your elements to make spells, with specific rules how they interact together.

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