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Thunderbolt Apache Leader Add-ons Playtesters Wanted

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Mr Doctor
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Joined: 02/11/2013
Campaign + Mission Card Prototype

I'm in the process of adding a bunch of stuff to this game but I have no one to test them on/with.
Is there anyone here that plays this game and would be interested in trying out my variants/add-ons?

I have nothing finished at the moment but one of the things I would appreciate is someone to toss these ideas around with. The reason I'm turning to you guys is that, despite this game having a very high ranking score over at BGG no one even bother to answer my posts. I get some thumbs up but no one bothers with a reply or critique.

Here is a more or less complete list of the new features I had in mind:
– New aircrafts (some with transport capability to ferry troops)
– New pilots
– New weapons and munitions
– New enemy units
– Allied ground units (with ability to be Inserted/Extracted by new choppers onto the battlefield)
– Civilian units
– Insurgents hiding among civilians
– Special Forces units to be used both in missions as well as on the Sector Map.
– Buildings & Structures (such as bridges, oil wells etc)
– New and more terrain hexes (Urban areas will hinder Stand-Off attacks)
– More Event Cards
– New Battalion Cards
– New type of Campaign Cards
– A lot of Mission Cards to be used either as single missions or as part of a Campaign
– New Pilot/Mission Log to go along with the Campaigns

I've added an image of a rough idea of the Campaign and Mission Cards.

What do you say, anyone interested in playtesting or sharing ideas?

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I would have loved to help

I would have loved to help you but missed my opportunity to get my hands on the game. I suggested once an area 88/UN Squadron variant once but with no game in hand, I could never actually design it.

Did you ask on board game geek, there is probably a lot of people willing to playtest your variant.

Mr Doctor
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Joined: 02/11/2013
No relies yet

I've asked around on Boardgame Geek bit so far no one seem inclined to post any replies.
I have also read your variant suggestions at BGG and I think you really should try to find yourself a copy. The game is REALLY immersive and makes you anguish at all the tough desicions you'll have to make. It can be very upsetting in loosing a pilot tou've invested in. I've just got mine so shop around, there might be some store somewhere that still has a copy lying around. I know there is in Sweden anyhow (might be some harsh shipping fees, though).

Let me know if you ever get your hands on it.

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