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Best Advice for 3D Printing Game Board / Pieces?

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I have recently come up with an abstract strategy board game which, I feel, could very easily be made using 3D printed parts along with the game board itself. I am not proficient with 3D printing workflow and was wondering if anyone on the board had any experience using 3D printing to prototype game pieces or game boards. Thank you.

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Hello Steve... I may know of someone who could help...

His name is "Markus Geiger" and his website is His Studio made "Terraforming Mars" 3D Tiles for the game and he did so using a BUNCH of 3D Printers ... He's got a few in his workshop and had them going day and night to fulfill the 3D Tiles.

His e-mail is:

Tell him that "questccg from BGDF" gave you his contact information because you were looking for 3D Printing advice.

I'm sure he'll give you some advice and maybe he can answer most if not all of your questions.

Wishing you all the best with your future 3D Printing! Cheers.

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Here's my advice

Some cost a lot of money.
And some promise a lot yet don't do a thing.

Get yourself a very cheap 3d printer. Practice a lot.
Everything will turn out shit.

Then if you are confident enough in your experience. Get yourself a 3d printer that you think is worthwhile the money.
Do the same. See if it has improvement.

If it does?! Congratulations.
If not.... well sheeeeeet....

Bottom line. Do it yourself, honestly, don't depend on others with a 3D printer. The only thing you can ask others is, their experience with a certain 3d printer.

Good luck.
You need it...

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Thanks for the advice. In

Thanks for the advice. In hindsight, I suppose that I could also laser-cut the pieces as well. The pieces are two-dimensional in nature although the pieces would need some amount of thickness (I currently have an arbitrary thickness of 5mm as that seems to be adequate for grasping pieces).

It's just that I want to have something nicer than a 'nice' cardboard prototype and I feel that this game is small enough, can be compact enough and simple enough to allow for me to wade into 3D printing (or laser-cutting) if it would work.

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