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Card Editor v1.4.0 released

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Joined: 03/11/2013

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that Card Editor v1.4.0 is now available, found here. I've added a handful of useful features people have been asking for:

  • First the big one: deck printing! You can now create a Deck Print Set and add Data Sets to it, choose how many copies of each card you want, and how those cards are laid out on a page. Then you click the print button and it generates a document for printing! I will add detailed instructions on the wiki soon, but the important things to note:
    1. All Data Sets in a Deck Print Set must define both their Front and Back Layouts
    2. All Data Sets must have Layouts of equivalent sizes and bleed regions (i.e. they can all be stacked in a single deck, even if some cards are normally horizontal while others are more vertical)
  • Layout Elements can now have borders. You can set their color and thickness.
  • I've changed the library for loading images off of disk, so now it should handle large, print-quality images for your backgrounds and card frames.
  • Performance Boost to Data Sets. Before, large data sets were unacceptably slow. Now working with them should be considerably faster. However, there are still some limitations with very large data sets, but don't be afraid to break your Data Sets up into smaller ones.
  • If performance for Data Sets is still too slow, you can now export your Data Sets back out into CSV or Excel spreadsheets.
  • I've also fixed a bug when attempting to import Excel spreadsheets that had empty cells in the imported columns

As always, feel free to give comments, ask questions, report bugs, and otherwise provide feedback through my email, Forgive me if you do find issues or I take a long time in responding, as this is a side project I do in my spare time among many other hobbies. Happy gaming!

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Joined: 03/11/2013
Wiki has been updated

I have updated the wiki with a tutorial and detailed instructions on how to use the new Deck Print Sets.

Happy gaming!

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