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Card game fast prototype

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How do you prototype a card game? I'm making one with a deck of 100 cards (it's for a contest) but it's really difficult to me changing all the cards (or most of it) in the early phases, where rules are subject to heavy changes.
Any advice for me?

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Cards sleeves and cheap playing cards

My preferred method for creating card prototypes is to print my cards onto normal plain printer paper, cut them and slip them into a card sleeve with a playing card for rigidity. It's fairly cheap as editing a card is as simple as reprinting and slipping back into the sleeve or simply pulling the paper card out and writing the changes right on in pen.

I do own a couple cutters though, a slice style and a slide blade style, it makes cutting out the paper cards much faster.

There are a few programs you can find that will make it easy to set up your print sheets, but most word processors will do this fine too.

I would advise against my old method which was to print on perforated business card or name tag card stock. The cards come out fine but the stock just isn't meant to be shuffled and is WAY to sticky.

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Sleeve it

Yep thats the way

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