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European wooden cubes manufacturer

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Joined: 08/28/2008

It's been a while since anyone's posted (or at least since I saw a post) on manufacturers of wooden cubes in Europe. Is there anyone who's had good experiences with one of the companies below?

Maybe there are some other companies you can recommend?

- Aerjen

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truekid games
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Joined: 10/29/2008
i've ordered from

i've ordered from spielmaterial before, they're fast and communicative, but their prices aren't anything special- are you looking for prototype or production parts?

Joined: 08/28/2008
Just looking to give some of

Just looking to give some of my prototypes a little boost. During the days in between playtesting, next to tinkering with the rules to improve gameplay I always try to upgrade the looks and feel of my games. Anything to make my playtesters happy and keep them interested :-)

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I used both and have good

I used both and have good experiences with both. Lorenz seems to have a bigger assortment and I would recommend them if you buy in bulk.

Joined: 08/28/2008
Great, thanks for the heads

Great, thanks for the heads up. As soon as I'm back in the Netherlands I'll give them a try.

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I have experiences with

I have experiences with Lorenz:
Good price, good quality!

There is one more producer:

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Ningbo Lijia Industry Co., Ltd.

No moisture, no molds, no bend, roak or beech wood, dutch wood. specializing in manufacturing all kinds of wood game token

Wood figurings, wooden tokens, wood discs, wooden cubes, any wood tokens is easily and quickly available.

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