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nanDECK 1.13a is available for download (with The Game Crafter upload module)

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Joined: 07/27/2008

Version 1.13a of nanDECK is available for download, this is the changelog:

- Option to upload cards' images to The Game Crafter website
- New LINERECT directive
- New IMAGEFILTER directive
- Boolean logic evaluation for IF directive
- New label function FRAMENET
- New parameters in GAP directive for mid-guidelines
- New flag X in FRAMEHEX function for "easy to cut" hexagons
- New parameter in CHROMAKEY directive for color range
- Save images as TIFF (with options for CMYK color and multipage)
- Fixed bug in TEXT directive
- Fixed bug in IMAGE directive
- Fixed bug in IF directive

Download site:

I wrote a small page to explain these features here:

And there is a page for the TGC module:


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Joined: 07/27/2008
Explorer 6.0 problem

Note: the TGC module has problems with version 6.0 of Explorer. I recommend to update it to the last version (on XP is 8.0).

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