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Printing double sided cards

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Joined: 11/08/2017

Does anyone know of a professional card printing service that can create bespoke double sided cards?

I have used services in the past that let you upload a different face per card, but you can only have one graphic for the back of all cards - instead I need to upload images on both sides of each card.


let-off studios
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Game Crafter

If you use Game Crafter, you can create an unlimited number of decks with custom backs and faces in a variety of configurations. I've done this with personal projects with no problems.

I also purchased a few products from DriveThru Cards, including a set of cards with different fronts and backs on nearly 100 individual cards. Although I've not used their service, I've purchased their products. Have a look.

Your mileage may vary (YMMV) with either option. But I can vouch at least for TGC as a place that's designer-friendly in this regard.

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