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Software For Writing Rules

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What programs can I use to write rules? I just hate formatting images to work with Microsoft Word. It has NO flexibility for text or image placement. Suggestions?

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Microsoft Stuff

Well, if you're already familiar with Microsoft products and your particular desire is to have more flexibility in text and image placement, I'd suggest PowerPoint or Publisher as where to look next. Publisher in particular gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of creation of text boxes and placement of them along with images.

However, I have to disagree with you when you mention something like "NO flexibility for text or image placement." For example, tables can go a long way in terms of moving text creatively on a page. Images can be resized and formatted to push text out of the way when needed. Page layouts, columns, etc. can be arranged in Word, and I've used it to tremendous effect at my day job and personal projects for a variety of purposes.

I doubt you're interested in debating this point, but in any case I'd suggest you reconsider Word, and maybe check out a few YouTube tutorials on how to make it work for you.

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