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What to expect in a Protospiel

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Hi everyone!

I am attending my first Protospiel in 2 more months and I feel like my game has been playtested enough for others to playtest. What I'm wondering is, how complete should my components be?
My prototype as of now contains printed paper sized cards taped over a Magic The gathering card to stabilize them.
I have wooden colored cubes for resources.
As of now, my main board and player tableaus are all made of regular white printed paper.
How would I advance these components to make it look a little more complete without having yo break the bank?

Also, do I need my own art? Or can I use clipart to do the work for my prototype?

Any advise will certainly help!

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Prototypes don't have to look good

Prototypes don't have to look good. But they need to be easy to read and understand, so that players don't waste time and effort trying to figure out what an icon means or what a card says.

I recommend making small player aids that explain iconography and summarize the rules. Sleeve your cards to make them easy to handle and shuffle. After that, you're probably good to go.

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