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Card and card-boxes

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Joined: 04/13/2010

Hi fellow designers!

I have designed a game with only cards as components. I was thinking of a minimal packaging in a small paper box similar to the ones a standard poker-deck comes in.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good companies that printed custom card-decks and also sold boxes to put the cards in. Preferably, the box should also have a custom print..

Thank you!

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How many?

How many are you looking to have made and where in the world are you?

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Hi Dralius! I guess the

Hi Dralius!
I guess the number of decks depends on how much it will cost. I'm guessing a few hundred decks would be nice for a first run...
I'm located in Sweden.
Superhappy if you or anyone else could give me some advice on this.

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For a small print run

For a small print run, the TheGameCrafter does print on demand. This site is great for printing as low as 1 deck up to a few dozen decks.
If you're printing into the hundreds (or thousands) of decks, it may be better to look at a traditional printer rather than print on demand.

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Print On Demand

Superior POD also provides small run services.

The Game Crafter
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We can help you out

We do print on demand cards and tuck boxes. Not sure how many cards you have, but we charge $1.56 per 18 cards, and another $2.79 per printed tuck box. We also do bulk pricing with 5% off your order for 25+ copies, or 10% off for 100+ copies.

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custom cards

If you have everything ready to print, I suggest going to, they have a sale, all custom card decks half price, and they have custom card cases, the price is right, but it is limited time offer.

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Printing Cards

where are you located? I have an on demand print company in Kansas City Kansas. We currently do Game boards for a local gaming company and that is what sparked my interest to join this web site. I'd be more than happy to talk to you about this if you like. We can do one set, see how you like it and take it from there. Let me know. My name is John and I work for Martech, again in Kansas City Kansas. Eitehr way, good luck to you

Joined: 04/13/2010
Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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