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Marketing web sit questions.

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Web sites are Hell for angry old men like me!

I posted this in the Publication section because Publishing and sales go hand in hand; but, you guys really don't spend time a sales strategy. From my point of view that problem is the funniest game of all. In this day and age computers seem to be an important part of that game. With the Web Page at the forefront.

I never needed a computers, for almost 50 years. I am up to typing with 4 fingers now. for the last 1 1/2 years it was 2 fingers all the way. (Can't wait till I can use my thumbs like a proper primate).

I see that most of you fellows have web sites. And some of them look darn fun. Mine looks like the back corner of a stall.

This is what I want to know:
How do you do it!!!!

Look at mine and tell me what you think is wrong. (please note it is being rebuilt)
These are problems as I see it:

1) Computer guys don't grow on trees around here.( North West Montana)

2)I have spent over 5k and went through several of the few computer guys we have for lots of 1/2 done work. (I now have another so this is to help me instruct him.)

3) can't get the blog and forum to stay off the site, They just keep showing up from time to time.

4) Advertise,Advertise,Advertise! It works in the real world but does not seem to far this season we got 1000s of hits and make a sale 1 time out of 254. this all costs lots of money. For every 100,000k impressions we get a single hit. bounce rate around 50% range. most adds are on google and facebook.

It is also a good way to look at games from a marketing point of view. Because this form of communication is not going away anytime soon. Problem... I sell well in person, but this is all too new to me.

The reason for the site is to; sell a product, Show a little about other products coming up, tridagam Mission Statement , Show Tutorials.

1)What do you like to see?

2)What gets your eye, your heart...your interests?

3)Does the product work with the site? why?

4)Some of you have a register and logins Why?

5)I don't like the wholesale there a better way?

6)On the forum and blog sections...Do I X them out? many sites have them but they stand empty...some one told me about linking stuff...can sites like this be linked to it and X out the blog and Forum on my site? if so how or who can do that?

~This is what we keep above the office door~

We are in Business to make money. Without money nothing else truly takes place. Money may not make the world go round; But, it does make an excellent lubricant.

Type in "Tigele" or (How do you guys turn these things onto buttons like you do?)

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Joined: 03/23/2009
please forget the button thing at the end

Please forget the button thing at the end...It seems to have done the blue thing on it's own even though it was not like that in the preview...way to cool!

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I think youre site looks

I think youre site looks nice. Mutch better than some of the other gamecompanie sites that I have looked at. To adress your first 1-4.
1. You do not need to have some one localy to do this for you. You can easaly fins some one online to make ths site for you.
2. Woho! 5k on youre website alone... Dam I would not have spent that kind of money on it, but I have several friends that could help me with it so I have no ide what the going rate would be for a webpage. Did you look at several difrent offers befor deciding?
3. Why hide them? the bloog actualy seems to get more popular every post you make so keep posting intresting things and get mor people to come to your webpage.
4. This I think is al wrong. There are several more effectiv ways to market a game than to advertice. And you seem to be advertising at the wrong places aswell. Becaus the places that I would look to for advertising first are not realy that expensice, compared to "normal" sites.

By the way I would realy like to se youre marketresertch you have done and your marketing plan. I am curently taking a "start your own buisnins cours" so I would reali like to see ahat you have done in thees fields and what youre plans and thoughts are. If you want you can email me at and we could talk some more about thees things and I could give you my take on it.

Best regards

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The site could be flashier but seems OK for a small outfit.

Word of mouth is the best marketing, however, and looking around the web you don't seem to have any of that. One Amazon review on a product page that isn't selling the product and your website is basically it.

Your game doesn't have a page on, which is the main place people these days look for info. You could send out free copies to people to get reviews there, and target people who have board game web sites, blogs and podcasts and send them review copies as well. That'd at least be a start.

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Joined: 03/23/2009
Thanks...Have lots to learn and little time to learn it.

Thanks ...this is what I am doing with all your notes on my site and marketing.

That Board Game Geek place - I need Josh or Pam to help me - Josh is out killing things in the woods and Pam only helps once per week _ not going anywhere fast there!

I have to Wikki that podcast thing but I'll get it somehow!

This is what I like about the mid life change of occupation...All this stuff just blows the mind- like in the movie Brave New World- but without the hanging in the end.

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Online marketing

I had Zev of Zman Games on my podcast a month or so ago and we talked about marketing. His whole marketing campaign consists of ads on and (maybe) That's it. I'm sure he also has demo crews and sends review copies to various podcasts as well, but the advertising is just those one or two sites.

Personally, I've advertised using Google adwords and it was a colossal waste of money. $100-$150/mo for 1 sale. Not worth it. I should have checked with Zev first!

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Where can we find your

Where can we find your podcast?

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