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PnP Publishing - Stats and Advice

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My first print and play game, Fallen Kingdoms, now have 1 year. As promised, I decided to compile some stats and make a list of the problems I have encountered during the process. I wrote an article on my web site, everything can be found here:

For board information about the Fallen Kingdoms it self, it can be found here:

I'll probably update the stats every year since that kind of information is not published anywhere.

Eric P626

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PnP isn't any way to get

PnP isn't any way to get rich... we use it mainly to drive interest and offer the game to people who maybe can't or don't want to buy the print versions. It's also a way for us to get everything ready for the printer and help with awarness and marketing of the game.

Anyway, I'd have to say if you sell 50 games a year you're doing well. It's a market that is a nitch of a nitch. Yet you can't really charge more then a small price or it won't sell at all. Just not the right medium for board / card games I guess.


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Quote:PnP isn't any way to

PnP isn't any way to get rich

Don't worry, I know that. It's not my primary objective.

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