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Possible Auction Junktion please?

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Joined: 01/05/2011
Auction Junktion

I self-published Auction Junktion last year ( and have done fairly well with it despite very little marketing. We're gearing up to get into a larger distribution network and possibly doing a Kickstarter campaign. I came up with the title Auction Junktion but my distributor/marketer feels that the title may not be very marketable. They feel it needs more of competitive edge to it. Its based on shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, so they feel it needs to be something along those lines. So, I'm having a tough time coming up with an alternate title and thought I'd ask the great community here on BGDF. If we re-name it, we'll probably slightly re-theme it with a grittier edge. Envision a group of dirty, rotten scoundrels at a storage auction bidding on storage units and using dirty tricks to trip up the competition. We'll put your name in the credits if your idea gets chosen. So, thoughts anyone?

Here is a direct link to the first edition of Auction Junktion:

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Joined: 12/01/2011
Name ideas!

I think it would be worthwhile to find a good name that isn't strongly represented yet on search engines, but contains elements of other products in this storage-auction genre (for instance, the words "junk", "storage" or "auction"). This should help you appear at the top of searches without having to delve too deeply into SEO finger-waggling magickry.

Here's some suggestions: I've tried to remove any that already have a strong presence on Google.

The Junk Moguls
Junk Sharks
Storage Swindlers
The Auction Con
Fat Cat Junksters

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Just ideas..

HWAnthony clearly put some good business thought into his suggestions. I will take the artists tact and just provide some brainstorming.

Needle in a Junk Stack
Junk to Riches
Junk Stars
One Man's Trash
Dime and Grime
The Million Dollar Box

OK. That's all I got. Best o' luck moving to bigger and better production!

Joined: 10/05/2011
Some ideas

Hi Edgd,

First off, congrats on moving up, best of luck to you!

The first couple of ideas that came to mind are more focused around 'scrap' which I realize does not 100% fit the theme of storage units, but has the nice double-meaning between junk and fighting, particularly fighting dirty.... The others are just random thoughts that I had.

Storage Scrap
Scrapheap Scrap
Scrappin' in the Scrap Pile
Bosses of Bidding (if it had more of a crime connection)
Junk Boss (to play off of HW Anthony's and other tv shows)
Storage Jungle Rumble
Bidding Brawl
The Junk Bond
The Bad Seed Auction House


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House of the Rising

House of the Rising Junk

Bond, Junk Bond

"The Bad Seed Auction House"...I like this one ! :-)

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Joined: 01/05/2011
Great Ideas But...

Wow, lots of great ideas guys! Please keep them coming! So far there is no one coming to the defense of the Auction Junktion title. Is the general consensus that it does need to be changed? Am I the only one that likes it as is? Anyway, back to your suggestions, I really like these, in no particular order:

Storage Swindlers
Junk Stars
Junk Boss
The Bad Seed Auction House (I can't see myself using this as the title, but it'd be great to use as the setting where the auctions take place.)

I really like the double meaning of "Scrap". I think there could be something there. Here are a few more suggestions I was given:

Storage Scoundrels
Storage Forage
Storage Strife
Auction Antics
Storage Scrap
Bidder Battle

Right now, I'm really liking "Outbid". It's simple and to the point but I think a lot of meaning can be taken from it. However, it doesn't convey the fact that the game is a storage auction game. So question: Does the title necessarily need to convey the fact that it is a storage auction game?

Joined: 10/05/2011
More thoughts

I like Auction Junktion; it's hard to say if it *needs* to be changed but it certainly doesn't hurt to have some ideas in your back pocket. I thought from your original post that you were definitely needing to change it.

That said, I think the game Is helped by having some indicator in the name that it is a storage auction game. It makes it stand out in a way that just having 'auction' or just having 'bidding' in the title don't. Also, when I think of bidding in general, for some reason I think of fine art/fancy pants items. So with the right name you'll get a nice contrast of the aura of a hoity toity auction with a down-and-dirty scrap to get the best junk. I was trying to think of a good spin on those two famous auction houses Sotheby's or Christie's. But I couldn't get anywhere with that really..
Sotheby's Rejects
Sotheby's Storage
Scrapping Sotheby's
Christie's Basement

I like Outbid alright actually too, though again, doesn't give even a hint of storage/junk/trash-to-treasure/surprise-'find'.

Storage Cleanout (sounds too much like cleaning the garage maybe, but I like 'clean out' because of the double meaning of getting cleaned out as a gambler). Cleanout Clout.

Dr. Herman P. Scrapworthy's Bidding Brawl
The Bad Seed Auction House's Storage Castoff Cleanout Contusions

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I agree with AndyGB. It

I agree with AndyGB. It wasn't that I don't like Auction Junktion, I was just under the impression from your post that is was definitely off the table already!

I guess something to consider is that the title won't exist in a vacuum; it will also have the game branding and box images to help convey the theme as well. Having said that, the more information you can fit into the title - while keeping it concise and easy to say - the better!

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I'm not a big fan of the

I'm not a big fan of the original name (Auction Junktion) because the second word has an awkward feel to it. It doesn't roll out of my brain and off my tongue very easily.

Of the one's I've seen here my favorite has been "One Man's Trash".

I don't think the title necessarily needs to convey the game mechanics, but it should at least tie in with the thematic setting of the game and absolutely must be something memorable. I think a lot of the names with "storage" or "auction" in them are not very memorable because those are very uninteresting/unwieldy words.

Some more word combinations:
Peddler's Prize
Rubbish Reserve
Barter and Bury
The Scrap Stash
Sotheby's Stockpile
Clinchin' the Con

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Joined: 01/05/2011
Unsure still...

The title is still up in the air. I'm of the mind to keep it as is. My partners feel we need something else. No firm decision has been made either way. When I was originally coming up with the title, I was playing around with Auction and anything that would rhyme with it. Suddenly that old song from Schoolhouse Rock - Conjunction Junction, came to mind and I thought it humorous to name it after that. Junction became Junktion to allude to the junk cards in the game. That song has a catchy tune and I pretty much figured I couldn't go wrong with that flow. I'm surprised no one has put that together yet, must be too obscure or I'm just too old! Anyway, I really appreciate all the input everyone is giving, it really helps! Keep them coming! Don't forget, the game is available right now under the Auction Junktion title, so if you want to get into some storage auction action, order your copy today!

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