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Small Wooden Cubes or Rectangles, color in bulk??

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Hi everyone,

Been a long time since I tried to research for this kind of gaming unit, so maybe someone here knows the answer and can save me some googling.

I am looking for small wooden cubes or rectangles. Preferably in different colors. These would be about the size of the original wood blocks that game in Diplomacy or down to maybe half that size.

I would be looking to use these in a range of games, so bulk pricing with volumes on the middle-ish to large size would probably work best for us.

Anyone know someone who sells this kind of thing? I would love a US based vendor, if such actually exists...

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Mike Young
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Wooden Cubes
Joined: 07/28/2008
Hi Mike, Yeah, something like

Hi Mike,

Yeah, something like that. But I would need a vendor that can supply them at wholesale pricing (that site seemed pretty retail price wise) and who I could pay to bag them in certain quantities as well.

I have game that might use as manay as 200 cubes per game, so the quantitiy I need even for a small to moderate quantity of games becomes a fairly substantial number of cubes.

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cubes, smubes...

Ryan -
I prefer to buy American as well, and for everything except 'bits', I've been successful. But 'bits' like cubes are just too expensive, even mass produced.

For my GODS ALONG THE NILE, I needed 7 different 'bits' and found everything I needed here:

It's a chinese bead company. Their selection is nothing short of astounding - you should be able to find just what you're looking for. The prices are a tenth of anything comparable here in the states, and made GODS a viable [and gorgeous!] game. Everybody that has played or purchased a copy loves the beads. Can't recommend them highly enough.

The only hitch is, you'll be assembling / counting the little darlings all by yourself when you buy in bulk. Not a problem for me, but it might be a problem for you.

Only two caveats in buying from PANDA HALL. The measurements are sometimes difficult to gauge, and you might buy beads that are just a shade too large/small. Ask them to send you a picture of the item next to a penny. The other caveat is not everything on the website is in stock. So anything that catches your eye, put it in your WISH LIST for later, then ask if it's in stock in the quantities you need.

If you can get past those hurdles, you've got it made. Their search engine is pretty decent, and they send you 'CLEARANCE' emails with prices that are amazing about once a month.

Hope that helps, dude!

BTW - Did you guys ever get rid of that 18-up template? I never could figure that monster out. Had a couple of projects I might have sent your way if you could have taken them as individual pieces of card art.... :-(

Your Buddy, Chester

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Wooden bits

Hi Ryan,

You can buy wholesale from also. Check out the link to their website...if you don't find what you are looking for, just send them a message asking if they can do it. They are fairly quick to respond, and reasonably priced.

Good luck,

Brent Cunningham
Wishing Tree Games

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to be more specific....

Hmmmm.... took me a bit longer to find the square cubes on PANDAHALL than I remembered. Just to get you there without searching, here is a link to the best page for little square cubes in an amazing array of colors. Price? Would you be interested in 1,000 pieces for $7? [plus shipping...]

It would be cooler if we could get these things made here in the states, but any I've found are very expensive. What I do is buy in bulk - but then I get to count out all the little devils for each individual game. I guess you could say 'Raw materials manufactured in China, Assembled By Hand in America'. ;-)

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