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Theme help - 4 factions

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Joined: 03/13/2011

Hello, I was wondering if you might help me re-theme my game. Currently it has a medieval theme with kings leading their army of knights, nobles, a queen and a bishop into battle against another player. The theme seems a little cliche and bland. I was wondering if I might draw on the communities' creativity to find a new theme. Here are the criteria:

It must have armies/forces/teams of some sort engaged in direct conflict( killing, capturing, stunning, teleporting to another dimension)
Must have at least 4 unique armies, any of which could be fighting any other in a 1 v. 1 battle
armies must involve multiple "grunts"
Armies must have a single leader surrounded by a team of elite characters or units

Please avoid typical fantasy (elves, dwarves, orcs, etc). I can imagine it, and it is not a route I am pursuing at this time.
The game will not yield to a historical wargame theme.
One of my friends recommended a lighter theme to counter-balance the brain burning tactics in the game. So, while I am not seeking a lighter theme, I am open-minded.

Thank you.

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well, you could go the simple

well, you could go the simple route of having House (look at Game of Thrones for inspiration) or Clans.

You could even split the forces into different themes - perhaps a Theocracy lead force of Zealot Militants wanting to establish their own kingdom, while the Nobles are gathering their serfs to overthrow the Monarchy. Loyalist Knights prepare to oppress the oppressed even further, while the Clans from the north look to extend their territory.

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Ancients or Pandas

Perhaps ancient cultures? If you don't worry about anachronisms too much, you could have Romans, who fight with Swordsmen and Legions; Greeks, who use Hoplites and Phalanx; Egyptians, who have Slingers and Chariots; and some other civilisation, like Carthage or Persia.

You could even go as far as having gods instead of kings, i.e. Zeus leading the Greeks and Ra leading the Egyptians (though I would not advise pitting Zeus against Jupiter, because that's just silly).

Speaking of silly, perhaps antropomorphic Panda's versus Bears versus Tigers versus Crocodiles?

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Hello, Horatio,
if you feel like you want to avoid cliches and the usual fantasy, why don't you create your own? The idea about Clans seems broad to me. Maybe the clans discover magics (or mages), which twist their units into more skilled, more powerful, simply unique armies. Still this could be placed into a historical context, if the clans praise gods, who empower them in this way. You might, for greater historical understanding, study medieval Latinamerican tribes whether you find some inspiration.
Just an idea, when i was looking at your post, hope it helps.

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Children! Either a schoolyard


Either a schoolyard brawl, or a Lord of the Flies scenario with a battle for supremacy.

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Possible themes

Maybe Bees or Fish?

Kingdoms of the Mighty Sasquatch!

or possibly Princess Willow is sending her Happy Bluebirds and Beautiful Swans to overthrow Princess Meadow and her Small, Furry, Woodland Creatures!

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Joined: 03/13/2011
Thank You

Thank you for the ideas. You've really inspired me. I am not sure what I will do yet, but your ideas have helped me see a variety of routes. For some reason the school yard kids is resonating with me. I kinda like the ancient gods idea too. I welcome more ideas from people.

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That children idea is superb.

That children idea is superb. We all know those groups/cliques/whatever you like to call them and they could each be really unique too.

Joined: 06/11/2012
How about a Star Wars type

How about a Star Wars type theme with planets waging multiple intergalactic wars.

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Hello Horatio, speaking of a

Hello Horatio,

speaking of a lighter theme for your game:

Have you considered a universe which is similiar to the
--> Shark Tale and
--> Robots animated movies ?

There are a lot of cool archetypes and beings to choose from, all fitting into your knights, nobles, kings and queens-scheme.

p.s.: I would strongly recommend to stay away from the Star Wars-planetary war-setting. It is the other thing besides your basic fantasy-block which annoys the hell out of people.

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