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19 days until contest deadline (Rules and Gameplay Help!!)

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November 21st is less than a month a way. Voting will last until December 5th and I need your help to chugga chugga this hype train!

I would love if you could contribute by checking out the rules for Island Apocalypse. Even a simple "wow, I like that" or "dude, that is totally stupid, stop" would go a long way!

Thank you BGDF community! Lets make this Apocalypse a good one.

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Tweaks to the rulebook format

You could "Streamlined" this rulebook version to something used by most Game Rules:

  • Introduction: (short narrative) about your game.
  • Components: list all the components in the game.
  • Overview: Age, Players and Time.
  • Setup: Game Layout (visual).
  • Victory Goal: What am I trying to do in this game.
  • Game play: Player's Turn sequence.
  • Types of cards: An explanation of the different types of cards.
  • Combat: Is there a conflict.
  • Credits: Who made this game and Thank you.
  • Page Index: Not needed but it can help.

I think your Victory Goal is AT THE END. That's a No-No. Game Play should explain the typical turn order and then explain the various types of cards used in the game. If you have a combat mechanic - you should include it after the cards have been explained.

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Sorry to be picky...

Sorry to be picky here, but it was difficult for me to read the rules in the two column per page format. I didn't know if I should read left to right, or top to bottom... And, (sorry) this is just a personal taste thing, but I think white text on a blue background is hard to read. Probably because I'm old and my eyes aren't what they used to be...

To the good! I love the way you use the arrows and graphics to explain the rules. Are the icons you use in describing Tactics, Mission, Facility and Hero on some of the cards? If not, they sure could be as they are good, clean icons.

Finally, why is Keven Costner's voice reading me the rules? :D

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