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Just to let everyone know, GDS

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I don't want to sound narcissistic, but I do want everyone to know I sent my entry to Cogentesque, and he said he would upload it. I spent alot of time on it, but I have been busy and only now was I able to get it turned in. Just wanted to let all you guys know so you had a heads-up before voting. if you already have, that's fine. I'm just excited and I look forward to your comments and critiques! Thanks!

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Me too

I've also got a recent entry - I submitted at about 10:15pm EST - still on the due date, but didn't make the intial posting of entries. Please hold off on voting until these last two entries (plus maybe more?) are posted.

Going to be a tough one with 21 competitors! Fun times...

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Heya you two, here is the

Heya you two, here is the update from the questions and comments thread cross copied here :) - number 3 adresses this



Ok, so partly in the light of Comrardereship and partly in the light of "I forgot that it was meant to be anonymous" the games are not anonymous!

In fact, you can specifically go to the titles of each entry and it lists their name!

1. I personally quite like this approach. I believe it fosters a warm community spirit as opposed to behind a faceless mask of anonymity! Although, some people I am sure would prefer the anonymity - this month everyone has the ability to see everyone else!
2. One of the main points of the anonymity was to avoid bias voting. I think we are all quite grown up enough not to "Vote for mai Best Friend!!" so remember - vote how you want to, the VOTING is still secret!
3. There have been a few more entries posted since yesterday (due to the gmt / est thing I have accepted all entries up to now) So remember to take these new entries along with the rest (I have only had two votes come through so far and have emailed them asking to take the new submissions into consideration)

So I eagerly await your votes all!

Thanks so much for baring with me :)


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