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Magic: Puzzle Quest

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Joined: 04/16/2011

Well I've been working on designing games in my free time - and I've been searching for a FUN game to play... Maybe get me back into the Gamer-side of things, not only Designer.

Now looking around, most things are crap...

Most MMORPGs look like Diablo clones - and I didn't want to play another version of that game... Good for some, bad for other.

That's when I discovered "Magic 2015" for Android.

I was thinking about downloading and trying it... But the game is over 1gb!!! No way am I clogging up my Android phone with 1gb storage for just a GAME!

So I felt defeated. Until I saw this: "Magic: Puzzle Quest"...

I loved the original Nintendo DS Puzzle Quest (PQ) and then the sequel Galactrix. And what was this all about?!?!

Well it turns out they made a JOIN-VENTURE between "Wizards Of The Coast" and "D3 Go!"... It's a PUZZLE Game where you match tiles - but it's also like Magic because there are cards, with all kinds of abilities...

I JUST played the training to get BONUS cards - and let me tell you:

1. If you like puzzle-matching games, this one is AWESOME!
2. If you like deck-building games, this one is AMAZING!!!

Blending Magic and PQ is real cool... The game is REAL COOL!

It's CALLED: "Magic: Puzzle Quest". Here is the Android LINK:

Go to the Google Play store and download it for your cell phone. The really KEWL thing is that it's ONLY 58mb on Android!

And it's a really GOOD game - again if you like puzzle-matching games and maybe the concept of Magic: the Gathering...

Check it out - Cheers!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Oh yeah I should mention this...

The game is NOT for "Casual Gamers". It's made for more experienced Gamers...

But don't let that stop you from downloading it and trying it.

If you LIKED "Tetris" this is SORTA similar but cooler since you BATTLE AI opponents in a Story-mode. And you do this by using various Magic cards...

Now I need to balance my free time with playing a game - that can "suck the life" out of you! lol

Happy gaming...

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Wow ...

I can't believe it, you can get FREE cards every 8 hours! Not to mention a reward system for playing the game a little bit each day. It's based on a 21 day calendar, on the 21st day you get 4x boosters packs. Plus you get runes (standard currency) in the game each day and on the fifth (5th) day you get a booster pack...

BUT there is the other side: $120.00 USD for 3,000 mana crystals...

Just starting - Oh yeah you need an Internet Connection to play too. But I was looking for something worthwhile to play - and this game is definitely interesting.

BTW they even give you 50 runes each time you lose a battle! :)

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Joined: 04/16/2011
The game is true to its Magic roots

Well it seems pretty cool that the cards for each color of Planeswalker are different. Aside being from different, the also have a "style" of play. Just as you would expect from a Magic game.

It took some getting used to. I lost the first two battles and was going to say "This game is too hard!" But then when I realized that I could level up my Planeswalker, I was able to beat the first battle with ALL the Planewalkers.

Why would I do that? Because it unlocks 10 Mana Crystals.

Offset the 40 Mana Crystals I spent to get all five (5) color Planeswalker and well it's a net of -30 Mana Crystals.

But it's really interesting.

The game feels like a Magic: the Gathering game. I, of course, had to try all five (5) color Planeswalkers - to see what the experience is like.

The game GIVES you so much in terms of Mana Runes + Mana Crystals, all it expects is for you to play the game... Or just log in once a day!

Waisted 1.5 hours battling five types the same level (Level #1)... lol

I have read comments about the game - and IF you wonder what Leveling Up is for, it's to be more balanced and have an easier time beating the next challenger... What I mean is IF you are Level 2 and your opponent Level 3+, it's going to be more difficult to beat your opponent.

Leveling up to Level 3 for each of my Planeswalkers required some Mana Runes, but I each time I won a battle, I earned +100 Mana Runes! So I still have 900+ Mana Runes... Sweet! :)

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Can play on your PC too!

If you download BlueStacks v2.0 from the Internet, you can configure it and download the game on your PC!

I wanted to try it - as my Android battery gets used up FAST. A couple of hours and the battery was at less than 10%.

So I tried it and it works!

What's even COOLER is that by restarting the game, I earned a MYTHIC RARE card and a RARE card too! AMAZING.

Now it kind of sucks since I can't get the cards that my Android Phone has... Which were cool. But in the PC version, I have a MYTHIC RARE card. And it's pretty awesome: basically it destroys ALL creatures your opponent controls. I can picture where that card could come in VERY handy.

Oh well - I guess I'll need to forget my Android version and stick with the PC version.

Has anyone had a chance to take a look??? It really is pretty cool if you like PUZZLE games (like Tetris).

Feel free to share your feelings towards the game!


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Screw Hearthstone

If you LIKE playing Hearthstone (and I don't), you may actually be surprise about how good this game really is.

True it's not just a CARD GAME, but you do EARN new cards and make a custom DECK for each Planeswalker...

Seriously 10x better than Hearthstone!

Try it - if you don't believe me...

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