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Dymino Monsters: Dymin Collection Update

Here are the categories complete with just names as of December 29,30 2021 for the Dymin Collection:

Desert Set 2
Forest Set 4
Illusion Set 1
Light Set 2
Undead Set 3
Wahaluna Set 4
Wicker Set 2

Each category only has 9 cards.

218 names left out of 409 names.

Coming January 2022, I'll be ready to begin writing the characters back stories. This will give me some time to think about the stories to write.


Sounds good... Keep up the good work!

Sound like you will be fleshing out more details with the Character Backstories. If this is something that you enjoy doing ... Well good for you! I, personally, never leave my "World-Building" to myself. Sometimes I only have broad ideas that I share with a Fantasy Writer and ask him to pen down a paragraph depicting the Faction, Race and/or Characters.

Like I said, sometimes I have very general ideas and it helps my Creative Writer to hone in on a more real backstory. And then I'll ask him to pen down one simple Paragraph which depicts him/her.

I have not done this with Crystal Heroes... And that's because the finances are a bit tight at the moment. Things will be better in February when I free up some monies and make some more funds available for continuing the game. Things like paying for Video Reviews (2 or 3 of those), maybe asking my writer to pen some Backstories too...

We shall see in the up-coming months how things move forwards! Cheers and keep up the god work...

Thank you Kristopher

Yes, I do enjoy writing my stories and doing everything for my projects.

As a friend of mine once said,"Only you know how the game works and how you want your story to be told". That was after the fact of asking for help on character story development and creature development for my Dymino Monsters game.

He's right about that. I knew Dymino Monsters was going to be big as in size of game play back in August 2004, but during development alot has changed, edited, detailed and I am in no rush to get this project sold in stores. It's such a massive story and project that a game like Dymino Monsters can not be rushed. If it was a rushed project, the game would fall apart.

Though it has taken me this long to develop this epic fantasy, I have enjoyed my experience and knowledge to understand what the game has taught me.

So, when someone asks me or interested in my game Dymino Monsters or any of my 31 other game designs, I have that knowledge to share with that person.

I'm very excited to see how this game has flourished in so many years.


See I don't like to write novels around my games... But

I do like to have some cohesion with the different parties in the game.

For example in "Crystal Heroes" (CH), the First Set (#001 and #002) is about the conflict between the High Elves (Life) and the Humans (Order).

questccg wrote:
As the story goes, the Noble High Elves are in angered with the Humans because the High Elves believe that the missing Dwarves should be owners of the Nexus of "Order".

The High Elves believe that the Humans are too irresponsible and are too interested in conflict over territory, wealth and earthly resources. As such the Noble Elves feel that the Humans are not worthy of such a prominent responsibility such as the Nexus of "Order".

And to compound the dispute, where are the missing Dwarves??? How could they have disappeared so suddenly?!

That's about all that I would WRITE about the conflict. Now IF I got my writer involved, he could surely write a couple PARAGRAPHS about this conflict and it would be all COOL and dandy. That is the most of "World-Building" that I would want to do!

Something general with some room for Creative Writing to do the remainder of the job...

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