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Revenge of the Mummy (Nightfall) Development Continues

So, after having spent nearly 10 months unemployed (and having the time to dedicate to game development as a consequence of that) I am once again gainfully employed, though I now find myself with about 11 hours fewer during the day to dedicate to game development.

The result of my work schedule is that it is much, much harder to find time to dedicate to arranging play tests. Even with several groups in my city of dedicated gamers who spend a good amount of time play testing games for each other, I find that the schedule just doesn't match up and I am terribly exhausted by the end of work. I still haven't gotten used to the schedule yet, but soon.

So, not having the ability to play test for at least a couple of weeks, I am able to devise new rules and applications for Nightfall! Basically, because I spend 90 minutes on a bus each way to work I get lots of time to refine rules.

I have been designing the cards used in Nightfall. Currently there are going to be at least 4 decks of cards, all of them are going to be moderately sized, so it shouldn't be too cumbersome. There will be a deck for magical artifacts, a deck for gear (everything from the simple canteen to the Steampunk Stallion), a deck for Research, which will be used to progress the game, and a deck for challenges, which occur when the players undertake certain actions. And of course mixed liberally throughout the decks of cards will be the horrible cards of badness that represent the actions of the forces of evil that are hell-bent on devouring the sun and plunging the world into endless night.

Its shaping up to be good fun. But its a long way from testable yet.


This is why you use

This is why you use Tabletopia to have the time to test your games while having a day job ;)

Its a good idea; maybe in a

Its a good idea; maybe in a while (after I've worked for a bit) I will be able to afford it. Right now, after being unemployed for 10 months, cash flow is a little non-existent.

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