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Card - Template

Okay, so I have been working on determining what the cards would look like in my game.

Here is a *template* (Adobe Illustrator file) of what they might look like. I'll explain the card in further detail:

1: The number 1 at the Top-Left is the *Power* of the follower (Unit's life power). You use Damage counters to keep track of the Power. When it drops to 0, the follower dies and is sent to the graveyard. This follower has a Power of "1".
2: Next to it is the name of the follower. In this instance, it is a "Unicorn".
3: On the Top-Right is the *Alignment* of the follower (Good-Neutral-Evil). It's alignment is "Good".
4: The artwork goes in the middle (fairly large image size)
4: In the Middle-Left is the *mana costs* to conjure this follower (Solis-Lunea-Terra or Sun-Moon-Earth). The principal element (in black) is Solis (Sun/White).
5: In the Middle-Right is the *Element* of this follower. The element of this follower is Solis which is Sun/White.
6: In the next Text area, we have the various attacks and abilities. So 1 Sun Mana for "Steel hoof" which does 1d12 attack (and defense) or 2 Sun Mana for "Charge!" which does 2d12 (+1) attack. There is also a "Passive" special ability for this follower which is your HP gets restored when this follower dies.
7: At the very Bottom-Right is the author of the artwork and the name-number of the card

One thing to take notice of is that the MOST IMPORTANT information is always on the LEFT side of the card. Some items such as alignment and the element of the card are redundant or simply decorative. I wanted to be certain that when holding the cards in a hand, players could quickly see the various attributes of each card.

Note: This is just a PREVIEW of the layout of the eventual cards.

Note 2: The icons for Alignment and Element are from

Card - Template
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image | by Dr. Radut