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Helping in making a video game

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For the targetting on ground, air or both...
All I need to do is check if one can hit something the other cannot.
If this simple question is the case as, yes.
I can change the bonus to 100%???
I need to double check on paper if this is an absolute fact.
But in my mind, it already is.

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Other attributes and PP.

Attributes of weapons

So, I got these twins.
I need to make sure the calculator does it right in regards to choices as well.

It should be part of the same factors from the piercing and tier calculations.

An example would be the organic/mechanic twin.
If a weapon is good against organics, the factor might be 1.5. The mechanic portion automatically goes down to 0.5.
The opposite would yield 0.5 and 1.5 for this twin.

The other twins are unit/structure and noShield/shield.
The total of the last twin is 1.5, the rest 2.

More twins could be added in the future. But that is for later concern.

In contrary to piercing and tiers. I need to consider each twin as well.
A weapon will be multiplied by the factor. And thus its effect.

I need to be careful here. Since I only calculate the factors. The total damages are used to determine the bonus factor.

So, I need to consider what happens when comparing 2 opposites. And see what the damage does.
Each twin will create a new factor.
And I need the factors and inverse factors of 2 weapons.

Let's say, only the first twin has this change. We got 1.5:0.5 and 0.5:1.5.
The damages for the last calculation should be x1.5 on itself. And 0.5 on the other weapons target???
Not exactly.

We calculate what a weapon would do in terms of damage on its intended target.
It's times 1.5.
The same goes for the other weapon. Also 1.5
This will cancel each other out.
So, we still calculate the effect on the targets of each other.
0.5 for both.
So we end up with 1.5 over 0.5 for both weapons.
The bonus is (F=0.5)*(1.5-0.5)/1.5=0.333

Good, that makes sense.
Now for a more extreme version that should yield a maximum bonus of 0.5.

Ok, so.... what do I do now?
I guess I should simply multiply the intended damages by the factors. The highest of each twin.
And then see which factor the other weapon has for that calculation.

Opposites will yield 1.5 on themselves. And 0.5 on other targets. So, I still need to see which one the max is. Then select whatever factor the wrong weapon has in that same spot.

A bit more complicated than the initial idea. Kinda opposite of the other attributes.


In other news, I agreed with the great Squatch to have the Production Points being calculated slightly differently. And not linked to resource costs.

This means that we got PP for the complete body.
A body is a main body, then with upgrades and what not's.
That is the first PP that a player see's. And with the additions, it simply increases.

Then we add the weapons 1 by 1. Each weapon shows it's individual PP, as if it was the only weapon to be added.
However, we got 2 substractions from this. Well, we simply add less in total. What we do is we also add each weapon or adjustment of a weapon, to the total of the weapon. Just like the bodies. And thus, 3 weapons will cost less PP than then sum of each individual weapon. The PP is rounded upwards for the player to see. The game uses very exact numbers.

The grand total will be 3 PP from the bodies into 1 PP. And the same for the weapons.
The 2 PP's are added up for a final PP. Rounded upwards again, for the player to see.
But.... when loading the cargo ship for dropping your army on the surface of the planet. When adding PP, the total will not go as fast. There is spare room. You play mr. cargo guy in this regard.
A tight fit if you will.

If any player finds this forum somehow. And this particular post. It would learn something about the game that others have yet to figure out.

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All done

Next step.
Doing some actual designs again.

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