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Victorian Domain

Victorian Domain


new look

Questcg had some great advice on my previous player board design. I still need to get an artist to produce something professional for my player boards, but in the meantime, this seemed like a better look overall, so I used this in my 2nd prototype.


That is an amazing IMPROVEMENT over version 1.0.

Might I make ONE (1) improvement to version 2.0: make the FONT COLORS BRIGHTER.

Things like "Surplus Steam", "Defense Bonus", "Strike Bonus", etc.

Perhaps make them as BRIGHT at the numbers 1-6... Because they are a bit hard to read at the present brightness.

But overall a DEFINITE improvement over the original version.

Thanks! Easy enough to fix

Thanks! Easy enough to fix those few font colors - I meant to do that a while back but completely forgot!

The four corners have place holders for upgrade cards, but I'm trying to see if I can get enough info simplified so I can just have the upgrades printed on the boards, instead of double sided cards.

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image | by Dr. Radut