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Off the Rails - NOW Live on Kickstarter! Funded and heading into stretch goals

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Rotten Games
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Joined: 08/18/2017
The game

Hi guys! So my second Kickstarter Off the Rails​ has been going...well... Off the Rails! And has funded in 6 days too so we're already hitting stretch goals!

Very excited to share with you, and hope you all enjoy what Ive put together. This is a pure Kickstarter project that would not be possible without everyone's support. I would love any sharing on social media you see fit, and anything else you can do to help spread the word. I know everyone asks the same, but even a single share will help. Thanks for reading, and hopefully we can all go a little Off the Rails this month!

The Professor
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It's always great to see folks out here getting their items out to the broader community of gamers...good luck with your KS!


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